Thursday, January 14, 2010

Midweek update,, 2+2, BankRoll numbers

I've been really enjoying watching live coverage of the PCA Main Event, World Cup and, today, the High Roller Event. I was so sad to hear Dario busted out before the final table :(
Watch live here: Live
They even have a $2000 freeroll for all the viewers.

Since I have stopped using the HUD and HE manager, and Table Ninja, I have been doing better.
I have had bankroll swings from $135 down to $35 and back again. I am currently over $150 even after donating $1 for the Haiti cause, of which PokerStars is matching every penny that anyone dontates! You can enter a tourney or transfer fund to the account 'Haiti Fund; (without quotes).
BR = $154
VPP = 557
193VPP to Silver Star status and my first Stellar Reward of $10. I should hit another $10 of bonus clearing around that time as well, so hopefully a $20 boost to my bankroll. I'd be much happier if I was up around $500 by now, and $2000 by Valentines Day (minimum). The pressure is on.
My daughters birthday is at the end of the month, and I have until this Sunday to purchase the ticket to be safe.

I have a ticket for the Joe Cada weekly to win a trip to Vegas and I've run deep several times during the NAPT tournies! This I REALLY want to win, and is a precursor to winning spots for the WSOP.

Follow your dreams, avoid the naysayers. It's better to try and fail than to regret not trying. Live and Learn. :D

Here's a hilarious post on 2+2 : CLICK HERE
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