Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bad News on BR challenge...

approx 2am, on todays date, ZomBParadox went BUSTO!

BR 220 approximately a week ago. Played up to 100nl goofin off, down to about 100.. then tried to play in earnest, and a few bad days, bounced between 80 and 120 .. played a friend heads up, went busto. Back up to 80 because of nice friends and someone buying my action. bounced around trying the 15 bb challenge and not having the usual luck I did in the first 3 levels, thought 'I can beat this!" and spent too much of my BR trying that.
THIS IS VERY COMMON for somone to NOT back down from a -EV challenge. Don't do this unless you can afford to. I could not. That's why I'm posting this. So you'll be all the wiser

so with my approximately $60 BR I was getting no where, bored, and joined friend at 50nl ! was just going to be for a few hands... ended up getting a couple fish to my right. Can't leave with a couple fish to your right, can ya?
while persuing said fish, and provign I could play at this level, i got BR up to $103!!
Nice eh?
Was about to leave anyway, and should have after that hand.. but 'friend' said "dude if you leave now..." so I stayed a round, lost a hand, got action, got AQ suited, lost a BIG 3 way pot with nut flush draw... swing and a miss! then took my $12 back up to $20 shoved with AA for my last hand, and said friend, hit a set of 8's :P busto!
BR = $1.49

Back to the 15BB challenge in Limit. Got the Joe Cada Final tournament on Feb13, got the WBCOOP coming up this week.

Talk about an interesting blog post....

But, I'm not tilted Got a few friends that can learn from this! I HOPE!

(as posted on 2+2 forums0

But life isn't about the perfect score, like I used to think. It's about drive and determination and how many times you get back up after falling down. And using that wisdom to avoid such things ;P

So back to square one with a better knowledge and understanding of what's required, and infinitely more ability.

Wish me luck!
May the flop be with ME for a change!!!
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