Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back on track without bells and whistles..

It seems that using HoldEm Manager, Table Ninja, etc.. was just slowing me down. Killing my Win Rate (WR). More distractions.

My BankRoll was all over the map. Up to $120, down to $24, and averaging around $65. It was getting very annoying.

I played a live tournament, took 2nd, and this helped boost my morale and my patience. I did well in some online tournaments as well, from Sit N Gos to big MTT's. Got about 457th out of 10,000 in an NAPT. Took one mistake while talking to someone to be eliminated. This has been a frequent problem in the past.. playing 2 tournaments online, I'm fine, but then I start talking with people, explaining what is going on, etc.. and I get distracted enough to make a bad decision. This is part of the reason why I play where there are the fewest distractions. A room with a door would be great. But such is life and being able to deal with the unexpected is all part of the game.

BR back up to $99.68 . Paying attention to the bottom line matters most, so I'll stick with that as long as I can put up the numbers, which I know I can.

I will also be sticking with 10NL or HIGHER only. Playing lower forces me to get used to an environment that is not productive for moving up. No matter where you play, live, online, micro, midstakes, high stakes, middle/micro, whatever... you have to adapt to the environment.
People will get used to this environment also, and adapt. Therefore I disagree with the philosophy of "beat this limit first, then move up." and "start at the bottom".
I say, if you want to play micros for whatever reason, start at micros and learn all you can. If you want to play 25NL, then start at 25NL. If you must play high stakes, get there as fast as you can.
When you first get to any level, you must learn, and learn quick! This *IS* Poker, and the name of the game is "get the most money". For the few purists out there, it is also "have fun doing it!" ;)
My problem with Micro stakes, is getting used to bad players. It's ruining my game. Well, technically *I'm* letting it ruin my game, by getting lazy. I never want to call or shove because I'm relying on the other player being a bad player more than 50% of the time. Look at the various Hand History discussions on 2+2 or various forums, and you'll see what I mean.
I also need to feel that the amount of profit I make justifies the time I spend making it. I can consistently make an avg of $4/hr at 2nl or 5nl, but this just doesn't cut it for me.

For me, for now, 25nl is where it's at. I prefer this level and look forward to moving up, but have a ways to go, since I'm overreaching my bankroll. My chances of going broke are increased as well, but this is the "bottom" for me.

Do what's right for you.
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