Wednesday, January 27, 2010

100 hour work Weeks DURING WBCOOP. I want a medal!

Ok, ok. Maybe I don't get a medal for this week unless I take down a win in WBCOOP or other major tourney this week, but it sure feels like a marathon to me! I'll be happy to finish, let alone WIN this marathon. Along with 40 hr work week, I have been spending all my free time learning, and playing, poker. Although very confident, and willing to play ANYONE in the world (yes, even Phil Ivey), I have been making sure I fill in all the little tidbits of info that might be missing or unclear or not automatic. When the "edge" you have over other players gets so small, every little bit counts.

I am finally home after an 8 day stretch, having cashed in the first two WBCOOP Events on PokerStars. I am relaxing, about to watch Poker After Dark that I haven't seen on a TELEVISION in weeks! I'm sure I'll fall asleep watching it but that's ok. It's a rereshing change and chance to recharge my batteries because I'm back at it tomorrow, working and playing WBCOOP Event #3.

Today was Event #2 which was Pot Limit Omaha! This is NOT my game, I've played a few freerolls last year, and played about 10 mins of cash games yesterday for a quick brush up. I'm quite pleased I was able to cash in PLO which is not my game ;) But it IS one I'm ready to tackle to add to my Poker Resume! The fact that I am working my dayjob for at LEAST the first 3 hours of these tourneys is unbelievably challenging ;) I even had to sit out for a meeting for 30 mins during the tourney!

I have been hanging out on Daleroxxu's blog as he has a livestream up during the tournaments. There are roughly 20 others there in the tourney and it's a good natured bunch with a lot of crap talkin and last longer prop bets, and a generally good time. It should be duely noted I won the the first prop bet in Event #1 :) I would have lost the prop bet in PLO, if we had one, but as he had recently worked on a PLO challenge, and I was working, I thought better of it this time.
We'll see what happens tomorrow!

I have also been hanging out on with the Chiren80 group of folks. I really dig that Chiren80 pic from the Bahamas with the "palm tree on his head" hairdo and goofy look.. just the kind of image to put people on tilt when you "stak dat djood!". Seriously. I might do this. Which reminds me, I need to track down one of those Tshirts!! Joanne!!!!!!????

Both of the above players have helped remind me how to have fun while playing poker. And I do SOO Much better when I have fun!

I have also been hanging out on 2+2, which is a tough crowd. I look forward to the day when the results do all the talkin. There are quite a few excellent players mixed in there, maybe more than any other forum or site I have come across. Almost any situation you can think of that comes up in poker will be dicussed there, proably multiple times, and you will get multiple views of how to look at a problem.

Pokerstars.TV has also had some great broadcasts from EPT Deauxville, and I always enjoy their broadcasts while working, though I do spend too much time emailing those NUTS!

Ok, I've got to sleep! Over and out!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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