Sunday, January 31, 2010

WBCOOP Event 7 the Main Event 11.5 hours! +BABES

Meet Sin. Watch out when Sin is in heat! This reminds me, since I missed PCA this year, I need a vacation!!
It was literally in the 11th hour, after an 11.5 hour marathon, BelaLany, from Munich, takes down the WBCOOP Main Event. Like all the other WBCOOP events, it was a mostly pleasant affair, with the majority of the people happy to playing and enjoying one anothers company while playing poker. As it should be!
I only cashed twice in these events my self, but I am +2 on @Daleroxxu for Last Longer prop bets. And I understand that because of MI_Turtle, I am entitled to my share of $1,000 from his lost prop bet.. somewhere in the range of a Buck Fifty! Thanks MI_Turtle :)
All the bloggers were getting rummy on the reporting towards the end, and I am now reaching that point myself. So without further ado, I big you GOODNIGHT!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

WBCOOP Event 6 Final Results + new Babe :)

Welcome a dear old friend Sin modeling above in a tropical locale. Oh yeah, and the WBCOOP Event 6 Final Results.. talk about a rollercoaster!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so there are the results.. however, the BIG news is MI_Turtle was SO sure of winning, that he said he would put up $1,000 USD for a Last Longer type bounty to be split between everyone who outlasts him in the Main Event tomorrow! He went out 19th, so look forward to him running deep and rewarding the top players with some extra CASH, provided he doesn't win it.
I, for one, will be gunning for this extra money and may even throw another last longer bet into the mix with a couple friends. Daleroxxu has supplemented my BankRoll twice recently ;)

See you all tomorrow, with more PICS! maybe we'll even find a video somewhere...

Friday, January 29, 2010

WBCOOP Event #5 FINAL Results & Babes!

5:49 mins later, we have a winner! Congrats to maverick600 on taking down Event #5 8 Game Mixed. See you all tomorrow for No Limit Hold'em again at NOON PST (3pm EST server time)

Guess what? TanixSux on PokerStars has graciously assured me there will be more hot babes on my blog :P Now I need the girls to message me or comment who they'd like to see for a hot dude on the site, otherwise I will just have to let Tania decide...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

WBCOOP Event #4 NL HE Results (short n sweet!)

I'm going to cheat to make a fast and easy to read post:

#WBCOOP #Event 4 is done, and made it all the way up to 2nd before giving in to barrelproof7 who won after 5.5hrs

#WBCOOP GuiPon7 3rd, Stuart_Ungar 4th, and moondino 5th to round out the top 5. See you all tomorrow, blog post soon on Poker Paradox

@tricolor69 Grats on 11th

In other brief news over at Friendly Poker . net
Our beloved friend Maral is going to China to help people and do something rewarding. Nice example from a nice person :) We'll miss you but will keep in touch!

Chiren80, new PokerStars Online Pro, (with pretty green chat and hosting freerolls for several hundred friends and the russian mob..) went to PokerStars again, for an 'awkward' meeting .. things didn't quite go as planned... view here :)

We'll have to make sure to link those "hot babes" tomorrow :P They seem to be pretty popular on poker blogs lately... maybe we'll throw in a guitar playin dude for the ladies as well ;)

Actually, I came across this gem, and have borrowed an image from PokerStars for good luck, Michelle Orpe :)

WBCOOP Event #3 results

I slept through the last hour or two of the tourney (and then some!) but here are the final results:
1. skllzdatklls (Las Vegas)
2. jobuyunn (Viljandi)
3. Martish (Richmondhill)
4. romario612 (chimbote)
5. jacquesprado (
6. strike1 (Seattle)
7. pomppoker (Portsmouth)
8. bosta_de_boi (povoa de varzim)
9. AKSpark (Deland) (good run AK!)
10.BigFreddy73 (West Melbourne)

23. Goral (Warsaw) the only online Pro I saw in the tournament :) Maybe PokerStars needs to promote more bloggers to Online Pro! Just a thought.. *wink wink*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WBCOOP Event #3 short day of it! (Sleepwalking, Sleeptyping, Sleepbluffing)

I missed the first 5 mins of the tourney, and then couldn't get a foothold, but did pull off a hand or two like this, which seem to be the only type of hands I won, (ie. made hands):

I tried to get it in good, in between yawns, but this was fatal mistake number one, between yawns and work distractions... did I already say I was falling asleep during this tourney? *yawn*

zzzzz... humfh? what what? I'm awake, is it time to go to work?? Oh. Right. Tourney. I'm not dreaming this like I was dreaming about the million dollars in my PokerStars account.
More of this:
Dealt to ZomBParadox [Kc 9c]
astaroth75: folds
skin1972: folds
05T05T: folds
jomue: folds
VZimber: folds
jomue said, "ty"
ZomBParadox said, "ul for me to get that there :p"
Juan Albiero: raises 30 to 60
ZomBParadox: calls 60
toksikoz: folds
rVTm: folds
*** FLOP *** [3s 4d Jd]
ZomBParadox said, "but that's poker!"
Juan Albiero: bets 330
ZomBParadox said, "you bluffin again juan?"
ZomBParadox: folds
Uncalled bet (330) returned to Juan Albiero
Juan Albiero collected 165 from pot

Things are not going well (card dead) when I try to feed the egos of the megalomaniac (did I really just quote Phil Helmuth??)
"ZomBParadox said, "so i've met my match with the only 2 people at my table not sitting out :P""

Bosses house for a BBQ last night, long commute, lack of sleep it taking it's toll.. where was I ? oh yean...

I win a hand with trip threes, win a hand with AQ unimproved,

The cry was heard ... "ZomBParadox said, "new dealer, new seat please!!",

Let's try not to get unlucky and run into another set, let's make a good read with our AJ on an A K x board...

I put him on a JJ+! I was right! Kind of. Just remember, sometimes when you are right, you will still lose! (that's your Poker tip of the day for playing Blogsnoozaments)

meanwhile AKSpark and skllzdatklls were swapping the lead, but Skllz has a resounding lead 145k to AK's 90K as they approach the money.

We'll see how short of a catnap I can take and check on them after.
-Rip Van Wookie .. hey, where did this beard come from???

(edit: I fixed spacing and will try a brighter hand converter, after my nap!)

100 hour work Weeks DURING WBCOOP. I want a medal!

Ok, ok. Maybe I don't get a medal for this week unless I take down a win in WBCOOP or other major tourney this week, but it sure feels like a marathon to me! I'll be happy to finish, let alone WIN this marathon. Along with 40 hr work week, I have been spending all my free time learning, and playing, poker. Although very confident, and willing to play ANYONE in the world (yes, even Phil Ivey), I have been making sure I fill in all the little tidbits of info that might be missing or unclear or not automatic. When the "edge" you have over other players gets so small, every little bit counts.

I am finally home after an 8 day stretch, having cashed in the first two WBCOOP Events on PokerStars. I am relaxing, about to watch Poker After Dark that I haven't seen on a TELEVISION in weeks! I'm sure I'll fall asleep watching it but that's ok. It's a rereshing change and chance to recharge my batteries because I'm back at it tomorrow, working and playing WBCOOP Event #3.

Today was Event #2 which was Pot Limit Omaha! This is NOT my game, I've played a few freerolls last year, and played about 10 mins of cash games yesterday for a quick brush up. I'm quite pleased I was able to cash in PLO which is not my game ;) But it IS one I'm ready to tackle to add to my Poker Resume! The fact that I am working my dayjob for at LEAST the first 3 hours of these tourneys is unbelievably challenging ;) I even had to sit out for a meeting for 30 mins during the tourney!

I have been hanging out on Daleroxxu's blog as he has a livestream up during the tournaments. There are roughly 20 others there in the tourney and it's a good natured bunch with a lot of crap talkin and last longer prop bets, and a generally good time. It should be duely noted I won the the first prop bet in Event #1 :) I would have lost the prop bet in PLO, if we had one, but as he had recently worked on a PLO challenge, and I was working, I thought better of it this time.
We'll see what happens tomorrow!

I have also been hanging out on with the Chiren80 group of folks. I really dig that Chiren80 pic from the Bahamas with the "palm tree on his head" hairdo and goofy look.. just the kind of image to put people on tilt when you "stak dat djood!". Seriously. I might do this. Which reminds me, I need to track down one of those Tshirts!! Joanne!!!!!!????

Both of the above players have helped remind me how to have fun while playing poker. And I do SOO Much better when I have fun!

I have also been hanging out on 2+2, which is a tough crowd. I look forward to the day when the results do all the talkin. There are quite a few excellent players mixed in there, maybe more than any other forum or site I have come across. Almost any situation you can think of that comes up in poker will be dicussed there, proably multiple times, and you will get multiple views of how to look at a problem.

Pokerstars.TV has also had some great broadcasts from EPT Deauxville, and I always enjoy their broadcasts while working, though I do spend too much time emailing those NUTS!

Ok, I've got to sleep! Over and out!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, January 25, 2010

WBCOOP Event #1 Results

After a mere 7 hours and 3 mins.. We finally have a winner for the first WBCOOP of 2010.
Congrats to DevlsBnkroll for takin it down ! Watch out for those ZomB'ies though in future events!

Results: for the top 10...

1. DevlsBnkroll (Casselberry)
2. kevin070 (Milford)
3. pincharrata1 (Zarate)
4. Zomb2e (Gyenesdiás) <- ZOMB NATION!!
5. angeloviana (viana do castelo)
6. Ty,DeShields (Concord)
7. themrx (Erfurt)
8. LRM)MaNiaTiC (Benidorm)
9. tafkaa (Freiburg)
10.Lutos87 (Gyenesdiás)

2nd through 9th got a $215 Scoop Ticket,
10th through 36th got a $33 Scoop Ticket,
37th through 63rd got a $16.50 Sccop Ticket,
and 64th through 153rd got an $11 Scoop Ticket. <- I cashed out 139th.

And, best of all, it was fun! Most good natured tournament I've ever been in. I hope it's like this all week!
Oh, and did I mention, that I had won my Last Longer prop bet with Daleroxxu? I wonder how many times he'll pay me off before he stops betting me? I wonder if I can get MI_Turtle on the bandwagon too?? :)
But seriously, it was a BRILLIANT tournament and I look forward to ... SLEEP!

WBCOOP Event #1 NL Hold'em

We are down to 300 players, I'm still alive with about 15 BigBlinds. I haven't had any cards for a while, able to make a play a couple times and take down a pot anyways. Waiting for that one good hand to climb out of the FunkyStack Land (or town) as Jim and Nick would put it! (quick shoutout to the "dudes" at Pokerstars.TV :)
Things aren't looking good though, getting down to 6 BB now. ... and just when I was about to hit the Enter key to post this .. I picked up a hand am back up to 12 BB :) Keep your fingers crossed, get out the VOODOO, it's going to be a bumpy ride!
(14bb and climbing!)

WBCOOP starts Today!

With events covering the next 7 straight days, the WBCOOP Event #1 starts today at 5pm EST with No Limit Hold'em. There will be a Pot Limit Omaha for Event #2, and an 8 game mixed for Event #5, with the remainder of the events being NoLimit Hold'em.

I personally will be playing, though I am at work for the first 5 days! OI! I will certainly do my best to report here on my blog, and on Twitter, where you can follow if you like

My screenname on PokerStars is ZomBParadox. I know some of the competition, and it should be a very interesting tourney. I should have studied the blind structure.. perhaps I should do that now?

Stay tuned for more!

If you'd like to join us and haven't yet, click on a PokerStars banner and come rail me!

Tip of the day: I mark everyone I play through the player notes, and it helps me to remember where I've seen them before and how they play. I color code the shortstackers in orange, the sharks in red, and the fish in blue! (maybe fish in light blue)
I use a code like this for the text " ? 80k f "
?= tournament, c= cash, 6m = 6max, f=freeroll, .02 =stake, etc

(Edited time)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bad News on BR challenge...

approx 2am, on todays date, ZomBParadox went BUSTO!

BR 220 approximately a week ago. Played up to 100nl goofin off, down to about 100.. then tried to play in earnest, and a few bad days, bounced between 80 and 120 .. played a friend heads up, went busto. Back up to 80 because of nice friends and someone buying my action. bounced around trying the 15 bb challenge and not having the usual luck I did in the first 3 levels, thought 'I can beat this!" and spent too much of my BR trying that.
THIS IS VERY COMMON for somone to NOT back down from a -EV challenge. Don't do this unless you can afford to. I could not. That's why I'm posting this. So you'll be all the wiser

so with my approximately $60 BR I was getting no where, bored, and joined friend at 50nl ! was just going to be for a few hands... ended up getting a couple fish to my right. Can't leave with a couple fish to your right, can ya?
while persuing said fish, and provign I could play at this level, i got BR up to $103!!
Nice eh?
Was about to leave anyway, and should have after that hand.. but 'friend' said "dude if you leave now..." so I stayed a round, lost a hand, got action, got AQ suited, lost a BIG 3 way pot with nut flush draw... swing and a miss! then took my $12 back up to $20 shoved with AA for my last hand, and said friend, hit a set of 8's :P busto!
BR = $1.49

Back to the 15BB challenge in Limit. Got the Joe Cada Final tournament on Feb13, got the WBCOOP coming up this week.

Talk about an interesting blog post....

But, I'm not tilted Got a few friends that can learn from this! I HOPE!

(as posted on 2+2 forums0

But life isn't about the perfect score, like I used to think. It's about drive and determination and how many times you get back up after falling down. And using that wisdom to avoid such things ;P

So back to square one with a better knowledge and understanding of what's required, and infinitely more ability.

Wish me luck!
May the flop be with ME for a change!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

WBCOOP Approved!, Joe Cada Final Feb 13

I qualified for 5 or 6 weekly semi-finals for the Meet Joe Cada in Vegas tournament by PokerStars. But on the 2nd one, I got into the final, so all those extra attempts will not be needed. Wish me luck on this one, which will be played on Feb 13.

Here's the official email from PokerStars about the upcoming Blogger Championship, for which I am signed up for. We'll see how well I do while bloggin and tweetin and playing in a tourney :P
If it's just one I should do fine, but one of my leaks when multi tabling tournaments is getting too distracted away from the tables.

Hello WBCOOP Players,

Congratulations, you've successfully registered to play in this year's World Blogger Championship Of Online Poker (WBCOOP)!

Your account has been credited with a ticket which is good for entry into any and all of the tournaments beginning on January 25th. To check that your account has been credited with the ticket, click 'Requests' > 'Tournament Tickets' in the PokerStars lobby. The ticket is named 'WBCOOP 2010’.

The qualifying tournament schedule is as follows:

The preliminary tournaments are free-to-enter and run daily from January 25-30, in a range of different games at the times listed below. You can find them listed in the PokerStars lobby, under ‘Tourney’ & ‘All’.

No Limit Hold’em January 25 17:00 ET
Pot Limit Omaha January 26 17:00 ET
No Limit Hold’em January 27 18:00 ET
No Limit Hold’em January 28 18:00 ET
8-Game Mix January 29 19:00 ET
No Limit Hold’em January 30 15:00 ET

Registration opens two hours before the start of each event.

Each of the preliminary events awards the following prizes:


1st Place SCOOP Tickets to Value of $1,050,
2nd to 9th Place SCOOP Tickets to Value of $215,
10th to 36th Place SCOOP Tickets to Value of $33,
37th to 63rd Place SCOOP Tickets to Value of $16.50,
64th to 153rd Place SCOOP Tickets to Value of $11

The Final begins at 15:00 ET on Sunday 31st of January. The game will be No Limit Hold'em. The Final will award the following prizes:

1st Place SCOOP Tickets to Value of $3,150,
2nd to 9th SCOOP Tickets to Value of $2,100,
10th to 36th SCOOP Tickets to Value of $215,
37th to 63rd Place SCOOP Tickets to Value of $55,
64th to 153rd Place SCOOP Tickets to Value of $22

Best Tournament Blogger: SCOOP Tickets to Value of $425
Highly Commended Tournament Blogger (x3): SCOOP Tickets to Value of $33 Best Tournament Tweeter: SCOOP Tickets to Value of $425
Highly Commended Tournament Tweeter (x3): SCOOP Tickets to Value of $33

If you have any questions about the WBCOOP, check our website at:

or email at any time.

Good Luck!

The PokerStars Team

Friday, January 15, 2010

VPP Rewards aka Rakeback on PokerStars

If I
here, will
it be
or scrolled
out of
viewing area?
Think I
have it
about right.
Click Image

Here we go.. VPP chart for PokerStars. Why being Supernova pays like it does. I'll have to find some comparison charts for FullTilt, UB, Doyle's, etc...

I had some more to post, but I'll come back and edit this post to add it. It's not like people are chomping at the bit to read my blog :P

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Midweek update,, 2+2, BankRoll numbers

I've been really enjoying watching live coverage of the PCA Main Event, World Cup and, today, the High Roller Event. I was so sad to hear Dario busted out before the final table :(
Watch live here: Live
They even have a $2000 freeroll for all the viewers.

Since I have stopped using the HUD and HE manager, and Table Ninja, I have been doing better.
I have had bankroll swings from $135 down to $35 and back again. I am currently over $150 even after donating $1 for the Haiti cause, of which PokerStars is matching every penny that anyone dontates! You can enter a tourney or transfer fund to the account 'Haiti Fund; (without quotes).
BR = $154
VPP = 557
193VPP to Silver Star status and my first Stellar Reward of $10. I should hit another $10 of bonus clearing around that time as well, so hopefully a $20 boost to my bankroll. I'd be much happier if I was up around $500 by now, and $2000 by Valentines Day (minimum). The pressure is on.
My daughters birthday is at the end of the month, and I have until this Sunday to purchase the ticket to be safe.

I have a ticket for the Joe Cada weekly to win a trip to Vegas and I've run deep several times during the NAPT tournies! This I REALLY want to win, and is a precursor to winning spots for the WSOP.

Follow your dreams, avoid the naysayers. It's better to try and fail than to regret not trying. Live and Learn. :D

Here's a hilarious post on 2+2 : CLICK HERE

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back on track without bells and whistles..

It seems that using HoldEm Manager, Table Ninja, etc.. was just slowing me down. Killing my Win Rate (WR). More distractions.

My BankRoll was all over the map. Up to $120, down to $24, and averaging around $65. It was getting very annoying.

I played a live tournament, took 2nd, and this helped boost my morale and my patience. I did well in some online tournaments as well, from Sit N Gos to big MTT's. Got about 457th out of 10,000 in an NAPT. Took one mistake while talking to someone to be eliminated. This has been a frequent problem in the past.. playing 2 tournaments online, I'm fine, but then I start talking with people, explaining what is going on, etc.. and I get distracted enough to make a bad decision. This is part of the reason why I play where there are the fewest distractions. A room with a door would be great. But such is life and being able to deal with the unexpected is all part of the game.

BR back up to $99.68 . Paying attention to the bottom line matters most, so I'll stick with that as long as I can put up the numbers, which I know I can.

I will also be sticking with 10NL or HIGHER only. Playing lower forces me to get used to an environment that is not productive for moving up. No matter where you play, live, online, micro, midstakes, high stakes, middle/micro, whatever... you have to adapt to the environment.
People will get used to this environment also, and adapt. Therefore I disagree with the philosophy of "beat this limit first, then move up." and "start at the bottom".
I say, if you want to play micros for whatever reason, start at micros and learn all you can. If you want to play 25NL, then start at 25NL. If you must play high stakes, get there as fast as you can.
When you first get to any level, you must learn, and learn quick! This *IS* Poker, and the name of the game is "get the most money". For the few purists out there, it is also "have fun doing it!" ;)
My problem with Micro stakes, is getting used to bad players. It's ruining my game. Well, technically *I'm* letting it ruin my game, by getting lazy. I never want to call or shove because I'm relying on the other player being a bad player more than 50% of the time. Look at the various Hand History discussions on 2+2 or various forums, and you'll see what I mean.
I also need to feel that the amount of profit I make justifies the time I spend making it. I can consistently make an avg of $4/hr at 2nl or 5nl, but this just doesn't cut it for me.

For me, for now, 25nl is where it's at. I prefer this level and look forward to moving up, but have a ways to go, since I'm overreaching my bankroll. My chances of going broke are increased as well, but this is the "bottom" for me.

Do what's right for you.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Amir Vahedi leaves behind a lot of touched people

Amir Vahedi passed away today because of complications from diabetes. I did not have the pleasure of knowing him, other than some youtube videos and stories from friends in the poker world. It would appear over two dozen of my friends knew him and are tweeting about him, and will miss him greatly. By tomorrow that number may be well over 4 dozen.

Why am I blogging about someone I didn't know? Because he was a good human being. And I wish there were more people like him, to touch so many people in a positive way.

Here is a video I tweeted for those who knew him, and those who would like to have as well...
Check out this Gentleman video -- poker Amir Vahedi rio

Remember, the little things count.

Friday, January 8, 2010

WBCOOP, Live Poker, Throwing out the books!

WBCOOP! (Won't Bet Chips Out Of Position...) hehe, just kidding...

It's the World Blogger Championship of Online Poker :)

Sounds like it is going to be fun! Can't wait! I shall do my best to represent.

I played some Live Poker last night, about a dozen players, 3 places paid. I took 2nd. It was only $20 to enter, and I won $60 for my efforts, and ended up spending it on a motel room so I could get a good nights sleep ;) so a break even vacation? That works.
And I got it in good on the last hand which would have given me the lead...
Ace Queen vs Queen 10 ! He sucked out with a flush. It was either that, or 10 10, or runner runner runner runner :P I think I figured out later I was only about a 70 percent favorite. Thanks to whomever helped me on Twitter with that on the way home :)

I had to get away from thinking too much while playing, adding to my impatience, etc... No HE, no table ninja, no HUD, no books, no "play this way only" etc... and I did fine! Stop playing when I get tired, take a nap, etc... and everything will be just fine. I played a couple Sit N Goes too, and got a 2nd and a 3rd. If I'm going to play those, based on the time involved, I'm going to play a little larger ones.

I'll have to look into just how much *I* can make at SnG's... not someone else, but me. It's good to know these things.

It has been interesting to see how many people have resolutions for the New Year.

I am trying a new Bankroll Challenge to go with my current one. Racing with a couple others on Twitter, and you can follow with topic #bankrollcontest

That's it for now, more tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Growing Pains... doing Better and Worse

I entered a discussion on Facebook about PokerStars here:

Some guy posted who is "sure" there is a boomswitch and doomswitch based on "stack size" that it favors the larger stack. For those who don't know, the term "boomswitch" is a belief by some people that after you win a certain amount, you are then UNABLE to win for a certain amount so the poker sites can get your money. Which is ludicrous, because they make more money the more you play, whether you are winning or not. Not to mention that if it did exist in the software, then players could exploit it, and the whole system would break down and they would lose a TON of players very quickly, and that would cost them WAY more than a "boomswitch" could ever hope to. So it's not logical even if they were unethical. The major sites take great measures to ensure everything is legit and post the proof on their site, which you can access on the main page by clicking at the link at the bottom that says "Integrity" (or click on it here to do directly there)

Back to me and my poor results. Well, let's explain that a little.

I have learned SO Much in the past 6 months, it's incredible. My playing overall is worth patting myself on the back. Instead of just being a good player by "feel" and instinct, I am a good player by theory and odds. I learned why I do what I do, and how often, etc... Stats are a great thing. I learned what my opponent does and why, and this helps you know better in sticky situations what to do. Or it helps I should say. Poker has so many variables and possible combinations, that each situation will be different. But knowing the "engine" inside and out can help you be a better "racer". So on any given situation, I am less likely to make a mistake, and more likely to capitalize on others mistakes. Which is the name of the game!

Let's call this progress 'Winning More Battles'. HOWEVER, as with so many things in life, we need to look at the 'Big Picture'. Let's call this 'Winning the War'.
Based on my results, which I have been tracking with software, close to 30,000 hands now, I am NOT winning the War! How can this be, if my playing is better than it has been in the past? Can both situations be true? YES, they can.

Even though I am playing better in most situations, and winning more hands overall, and having much better results more often... I am not winning the hands where it counts the most, or, I am making the biggest mistakes when there is more on the line.
I may win for 2 hours straight, winning several buyins, showing great progress. But in No Limit Hold'em, you have this ability to lose or gain very quickly. Many opportunities present themselves to "gamble". The infamous "coin-flip" where you and another player (or players) have roughly a 50/50 chance to win a hand, or close to it. Everytime you are in this spot, you must remember, you chose to be in this spot by your actions leading up to this. This is a good reminder that life is like this out of poker. You can also choose NOT to gamble like this. Your progress will be slower, but safer? Think of the tortoise and the hare!

If you play by the numbers, you will have to tolerate the natural variance that occurs. You will have more up and down variance. If this is fun for you, enjoy the ride, it should be entertaining! And stick to those numbers, so that your variance is balanced over time. Even though that might be more exciting in the short run, it seems more boring to me in the long run. However, if you accept this, you can apply the multitabling advantages of as many hands per hour as you are capable of playing profitably, and get where you are going with VOLUME playing.

If you play by "reads", instinct, feel, like a "Jedi", you will pick your battles based on different criteria. Very often, based on the info you know about your opponent. Or think you know! ;) Or what info you let out about yourself to influence your opponent. Or misinformation! Acting, faking, trapping, slowplaying, illusion, etc... I'm sure know what I'm talking about here.

Then there is the pure gambler. Who needs to think about all of the above when you can know just enough to be dangerous and force people into coin flips all the time? Technically, any two cards can win, and if you choose carefully, you can have a good run of luck often enough to get away with it! This will make for HUGE variance and is the least reliable method, but people DO win the lottery. Sometimes. But usually not consistently. And I don't recommend for anyone. Or do I? I would only recommend this for a casual player who can't play often and is approaching throwing a bunch of money away at the poker tables as "fun"... sometimes you will win big and have fun doing so. FUN, that you can afford to pay for, is the only reason I'd recommend this "gambling". But bring your rabbits foot, you are going to need it!

You will have to decide which combination of the above possible ways of playing, and more not listed, that you employ, and find that works for you! There is no ONE way to win at poker. Every situation is different and the best players will be able to play in all of the above manners and come out ahead.

So, there are several ways you can play poker. Several ways you can be a winning player. And as a professional poker player, I need to concentrate on Winning the War! I need to limit those mistakes in Key battles that are costing me performance in the long run. There are SOOOO many poker players out there, that are not winning players over time, because they fail to see and accept this point, and then fail do enough about it!

I will be glad when I fell I have absorbed enough info about poker, that I can stop "thinking" about it, and just play. But for now, I have to take this methodical approach, the safe way, because I cannot afford to throw away a lot of money learning quickly all the things I need to. I long to get it all behind me, and get back to enjoying the "meta" game, which I will post about later.

See you on the felts.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Graphs, Running Bad, Bad Beats, yet slowly coming back

My graph. It's, well, UGLY! Like a trainwreck. You can't help but look. It was diving like a submarine hit by a torpedo. Slowly, anything but surely, it's been slowing it's descent and even "thinking" of heading up. Like a lumbering Titantic being brought up with tiny bubbles, it's slowly coming around this HUGE bend known as "Career Low!" and, hopefully, with all the faith we can muster, headed in the right direction. If you have any prayers or extra karma, and would like to lend a hand, there is this iceberg of a graph I would like ya to pray for!

Graph? It looks more like an EKG. You might think I'm kidding. But it really looks like an EKG that was recorded during an earthquake... on a trampoline. How does one suffer such a bad graph gracefully? I haven't figured that part out. I'll get back to ya. And no, not under circumstances, will I be posting this graph until it's Definitely on it's way back to the surface and beyond. It's not how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up that matters, right?

In other brief, but distracting from graph news, some guy won 3 tournaments in 1 day on PokerStars, the new VPP stuff seems pretty cool, and Daleroxxu's blog is pretty dam funny. Go check it out. This is not the graph you are looking for... Move along.