Sunday, December 20, 2009

Turning it around..

Ok, dropping down a level is not fun. Dropping down 3 levels was required for my mistakes. That's right, 3 levels! I went from .10/.25 to .01/.02 !

And it was a good move. I was taking a risk by playing at .25 and thinking I'd just redeposit if need be, and after 1 redeposit, I decided to stick to bankroll strategy and discipline. Not going broke is something that WILL be required, when I no longer have a "backup job". That day is coming soon, so it's time to sink or swim!

I was down all the way to $12 after some tourney entries. I won a limit tourney for $7.50 and used $5 of that for another tourney, but it's a fun regulars sort of thing, to socialize and keep those skills up to date. Other than that, I REALLY need to limit my tourney playing until I have time and bankroll to accomodate it.

I played from $12 up to $44 playing .05 today. I will remain at this level for a little bit before moving back up to .10

I'll post my improved graphs later.

Read 2+2 .. lots of good info there. Find the info that stands the test of time.

Bankrolls: 20 buyins, no more than 5% of bankroll in play. 1 buyin = 100 big blinds.
10 buy ins left = MOVE DOWN
40 buy ins left = MOVE UP

We'll stick to that with patience, discipline, and resisting temptation to quote :)
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