Friday, December 11, 2009

Selection, Selection, Selection

I've got to catch up. I have gone through SEVERAL buy ins in recent times. Was up to about $280 with my initial buy in, but have since lost it all. Went on a donkspree when too tired, too distracted, etc... Following your intincts on whether you SHOULD play or not, is a good thing. Try not to get into a situation where you HAVE to play, but give it 110% if you do have to!

So although I've had some decent results, and they seem to come in flurries, in tournaments, I have to start focusing on Cash Games in order to build my bankroll. And choosing the right tournaments, the right cash tables, the right live games, etc... makes all the difference in the world.

I've got Hold'em Manager installed and working well. How do I use this info both at home and at work? What's the easiest way to transport/export the data?

I'll have some charts and graphs that show me going up, going down, going back up again ;) Soon.
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