Monday, December 14, 2009

Poker Talk... ocassionally I'll just paste a convo.. as it brings up more ideas and comments from readers as well...

ZomB: I airballed my last 3 big tournaments
ZomB: but I made $50 bucks in 30 mins last night in a .25 game!
ZomB: lol
ZomB: and I got 11th of 282 in a limit tourney, which I hate
ZomB: it's not how many times you fall or how hard, it's how many times you get back up and learn not to do it again
turnertim_2000: Right.
turnertim_2000: my online play was pretty solid this weekend though- some minor consolation there... I am only playing tournament and haven't yet become a profitable player. My bank was down to like 27 or so... and I hit 160 Sunday.
turnertim_2000: no huge cashes- two mediums and several smalls
ZomB: my tests indicate (and other collaborate) that the more reliable and steady income is the cash games, and the long shot is the tournaments. There are those that swear by sit n goes, but you need the TIME to dedicate to realize the larger variance and show the profit
ZomB: when i can spend 4 hours on a tourney and win 4x my money (but only talking 15 bucks here) and spend 30 mins and win 50 bucks... it's easy math hehe
ZomB: my average though is about $14-$20/hr with 4 tables
ZomB: I can run 9 tables on my monitor at home when I get that all done
turnertim_2000: over how many hands is that?
ZomB: 3 - 4 k?
turnertim_2000: I've been thinking VERY hard about making that switch.
ZomB: over weekend I didn't have holdem manager running
turnertim_2000: Also thnking about moving to stars a lot
ZomB: well i'm planning on doing both
ZomB: but while I NEED to build my bankroll, i'll be self disciplined about tournaments
ZomB: I've paid for the majority of my tournaments with my cash game winnings
turnertim_2000: and you are playing at what level?
ZomB: so I feel good about it, but i'm breaking even until I get a big win
ZomB: why do that when I can build my bankroll and then afford to play full time and have time for tournaments, it will be a break from the cash grind
ZomB: .10/.25
turnertim_2000: on Full Tilt?
ZomB: pokerstars
turnertim_2000: oh okay
ZomB: UB gave me 10 bucks.. I'm going to work that up to 100-200 at least
turnertim_2000: Stars is WAY THE HELL BIGGER than Full Tilt right?
ZomB: I'm going to take advantage of rake on UB, Doyles and FTP somehow
ZomB: stars is THE biggest
ZomB: FTP has been gaining but still about h alf as big I'd say
ZomB: stars has the TOUGHEST competition, but with so many people, still enough fish
ZomB: I keep hearing about how things are better for poker pros at FTP (lot of wanna bes from poker after dark ads, etc)
turnertim_2000: How much time/energy/analysis do you put into your table selection?
ZomB: and I know places like doyles, and other smaller sites will be softer at times and in certain areas
turnertim_2000: like, do you research the names of the players to find soft tables?
ZomB: enough so that it improves my bottom line, but not so much that it takes away from it
ZomB: it should be second nature, whether live or online
ZomB: i will do that as I use holdem manager.. I have been "marking" everyone I play on pokerstars for a while in NOTES
ZomB: C = cash, L=limit, ?=tourney, F=final tables, etc
ZomB: I h aven't figured out the table manager in holdem manager yet, and need to play at home AND at work too, so trying to figure out best way to transport and share data that way
turnertim_2000: I started the harringon on cash books and he is suggesting something that seems very counter to the style of play I am used to. Like, its not tight aggressive tournament play minus the meta game... its lots of "see cheap pots with hands like 97suited because nobody commits money without a monster so you need to have a hidden monster in order to win much"
ZomB: i would have to agree with that wholeheartedly
ZomB: I have been beat by people doing that often enough to learn to use it in my repetoire
ZomB: instead of losing with KK or AA, you start stealing wins from others playing them with your straight or flush, etc
ZomB: you can win more with a pair of 9's than with aces full sometimes.. based on how you play it
ZomB: i have greatly reduced the "i gotta pay to see" calls to when I'm 99%+ sure I've got the right read
ZomB: it's cheaper to let it go than be wrong too often
ZomB: i've got to read those books too.
turnertim_2000: I found in the SNG scene that there was a MASSIVE difference in the play at the 1, 2, and 5 dollar levels. I found it much easier to perform consistantly at the higher levels because there was some degree of "logic" behind most of the players.
turnertim_2000: I imagine that is true at the microstakes as well?
ZomB: yes
ZomB: though
ZomB: I do better against better players as well
ZomB: but...
ZomB: there is less difference between .02, .05, .10 and .25
ZomB: I'm expecting more of a difference up to .50 but one I will ENJOY
ZomB: 2 is tight, logical.. 5 is insane across the board, can be anything
ZomB: .10 is more logical tighter again.. with more variance than 2
ZomB: then .25 is a bit of a mix too, but looser than .10
ZomB: it makes no sense
ZomB: and this is for the times I play
ZomB: primetime and early day might be completely different
ZomB: most sites. and live play, as you go up in levels, you go up in competition and play ability as well
ZomB: it just isn't this way in the micros. and I suspect at every level there is a "least common fool" level where you get more fish than expected
ZomB: think of it as fish from all classes of life
ZomB: lower class, middle, and upper
ZomB: they are going to be playing at different limits
turnertim_2000: So are you going to make it this week???
Last message received on 12/14 at 1:09 PM
ZomB: should be short on cash tomorrow, but ok on wednesday
turnertim_2000: Awesome.
ZomB: I get my check deposited by wednesday morning, but that makes me short on tuesday
turnertim_2000: Tuesday is "Ken's game" and Wednesday is "my game" so I am more excited about building Wednesday anyway.
ZomB: I'll just have to catch caltrain and come back to work and stay
ZomB: easier than all the way home
ZomB: but I got to consider the time investment vs profit lost]
turnertim_2000: vs. live play experience
ZomB: it's a case of 'I got to run well enough to pay for the time missed"
ZomB: but I chalk it up to more live experience to keep my live skills sharp
Mind if I use your yahoo name on my blog?
ZomB: I've been editing the convo to not do so , so far.
ZomB: but it's more time consuming than just copy and paste
turnertim_2000: No I don't think I care. As long as context is included so when I ask an intelligent question and you give me a basic lecture- it doesn't look like I'm an idiot.
ZomB: I'm talking for my benefit as well, sharing my thoughts, airing them, makes them more clear, shines a light on any weaknesses
ZomB: you'll ask questions about things that are weak or dont' make sense, etc
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