Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pasting discussions with friends...

I am talking to poker players a bit more, so I am going to be pasting some of my poker converstations here, as they help improve our game. Everyone talking should be improving. Right?

" Did you start at the lowest stakes? How many move ups have you earned? or did you jump when you deposited more money? "

Last message received on 12/10 at 3:53 PM
ZomB: earned move ups? they are free, you move when you decide to
ZomB: I deposited 50 and moved to nl25 right away knowing the risk
ZomB: I could play 10k hands at nl5, then NL10 etc.. if I wish
ZomB: I actually was playing less levels when my cash was $250 ..
( I had about $100, and hit a MTT for $192 when i got 4th)
ZomB: would have been wiser if I stayed in my bankroll limitations, but I had to devise a plan, and test the boundaries
ZomB: Confidence is the only reason anyone needs 10k (or more) hands at a certain level to prove they are a winning player
(but if you feel you need, take as long as you wish, it's your life, time and money!) (nothing wrong with taking as much time as you need, and it's even advisable)
ZomB: if you are winning at nl2, you should be winning at NL200
(but you will usually find less fish at these levels. This not always the case. You should consider there will be pro quality players at EVERY level, even .01/.02)
ZomB: for me, I need to make sure I have the discipline to not play at certain times, to be patient during downswings, and to constantly fill my head with any little piece that is missing, or memorizing those "middle" odds.. not the top 15% or not the bottom 15% of hands, but knowing the territory in the middle by heart"

Most of my leaks come from playing when too tired, playing too many tables for the level of distraction at the time, not allotting the proper time for playing and sticking to it, not having my "warroom" set up optimally for the best play for the best amount of time available.

There is always room to learn more, in any game or endeavor. I should respect the fact that NL HL is one of the toughest games out there as far as total competition and spend more time on the other games that I am winning at, like Razz, Omaha8 (hi/lo), and Badugi! If I feel I must "conquer/master" NL HE first.. it may be a costly proposition.

I have always planned on playing multiple games, and hopefully winning multiple bracelets, and expect that NL will be the hardest to attain. If I ever attain any! The fields are MUCH larger these days, and it's possible to be a VERY successful player in cash games, and tournaments, and yet still not have attain a bracelet. I will NOT get too hung up on this goal. ;)

Edit: I have to add the following..

The only reason to take your time moving up is NOT confidence. It's ALSO becoming aware of the territory. The regulars, the sharks, the fish, who they are, where they are, WHEN they are playing, etc.... I find that sometimes when we make choices, the facts that turn up later, induce us to rethink those decisions, and in come cases, to make other choices. This might be one of them :)
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