Saturday, December 19, 2009

My life as a fish... sharks got to start somewhere...

OMG. What a week. I guess, reluctantly, I will keep my promise to myself, to post all my results, great and small. Even Really Really ugly results. I am trying to reduce my prose to being entertainingly brief and to the point. So a picture is worth a thousand words. Ugh.

Which reminds me, I forgot what program I used to use to upload pics directly to my blog... was it Picasa? I shall have to do a quick search. Or upload to photobucket or something, If I can remember the password. ...oops. Entertainingly brief. Right.

Ok, they are posted on blog, you might have to click on pics to view them fully until I switch blog settings to allow oversize pics etc... or find a better way.

First couple are "the beginning" before I had a good hand sample size. I wasn't on a real heater, but had a few good hands and no really bad hands. Smart playing, like I "can" play. Now if I could just keep that consistent and improve upon that... but wait.......

THEN IT GETS REALLY UGLY! Ever wonder why they ask for 10k sample sizes for reports before asking for advice on 2+2? you are about to see why. I'm only around 6k hands, but you'll see how much it can vary.
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