Thursday, December 3, 2009

I love Bankroll info.. good info is so scarce...

Victoria Coren on a lesson in bankroll management posted on

She talks about deciding not to go play a tournament that didn't fit her bankroll after recent home improvements. Wise lady.

I, too, have had to make similar choices recently as well. It's a very necessary discipline for a Poker Pro. I can't stress this enough. The number one reason a lot of GREAT poker players never make it when going pro, is because they need to be great at poker AND be an investment manager for their own bankroll.

I had to start my bankroll with next to zero money. No windfall, no reserves, no credit card, etc... Flat Broke. But there is a great satisfaction that comes from being able to say "I did this on my own". It's time intensive almost exponentionally from the bottom to the top, but a worthwhile trip if you plan on standing the test of time.

I look forward to reviewing this post in a year.
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