Saturday, December 26, 2009

Easy being a pro! .. yeah right!! UGH!

So far.. this transition into playing professional, is a BIG FAT FAILURE! This doesn't mean I will not succeed, but it does mean it will not be like winning the lottery. It will NOT be like getting a nice new fat paycheck with a career change.
It WILL be hard work. And lots of it! Hopefully that will get easier as I go, so I can enjoy this career, but hard work never hurt anyone. I just didn't imagine it would be this much hard work.
But as they say, anything worth doing is usually not easy.

And then this morning I am having a good session. But the bad sessions, they seem to be worse than the good sessions are good! we'll see what results, actual results, not impressions, turn up over the next couple of days. I've got about 6 weeks left? Time light the afterburners, and grind my life away to get a baseline. An accurate one.
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