Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dividing / Spreading your attention... how far?

Now there are some days where playing 1 table can drive me crazy.. but if it's an important enough tourney, I will give it my full attention. Not to miss a thing!

I prefer to play at least 2, usually 4 tables. I will not be playing more than that until my PC at home is built, which is much more robust than the ones I am using now. I have a 23" monitor with nice video card and at least 3 gig of ram. I will add a 2nd 23" monitor when I am able. This will make multi tabling a LOT easier to do :) I wont go blind!

So I've learned NOT to mix game types. Don't play a NL tourney with a cash game, with Razz game, with a HU game!
Distaster. You might play great until you suddenly have to pay attention to all 4 tables at the same time and at different paces. Not optimal. "yeah, i'll call .10 ... oops! I called 1.00 ??? ouch!"

And what am I doing right now? Playing 2 cash games at low limit, and 2 tournaments... and bloggin, and headphones, and reading Twitter, and Email, etc. etc. etc. and I just went all in when short with A Q offsuit... Oops. In a tournament, where I was in 6th of 24 or so a little bit ago, at the start of this blog entry. 18 get paid. See what I mean? I hope you appreciate this sacrifice to make my point!
Kiss that $5 tourney goodbye with the $230 for 1st where I was running good. I was ahead on the All In btw, lost to K J (other guy had J 9) straight to the King.

So, I need to stop bloggin while playin. I may blog less, but OH WELL! Bloggin don't help my bankroll.

I also need to stop playing when I'm sleepy, too hyper, on tilt for any reason, distracted, daydreaming, etc...

I spent all that time making my "habits" good ones... it helps if you are disciplined to make good decisions when you get tired but before you have decided you are tooo tired, too drunk, or whatever. What are you doing drinking when playin anyways?? :)

Why am I here bloggin? *pooooof*
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