Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BankRoll Challenge addition .. 100vpp less than 3 days.

They seem to think I can't do this. Get 104vpp more by the 31st, so I get my Silverstar before January where it changes to only needing 750vpp. So it's on.
I'm going to do this. With a $23 bankroll. At 5NL. Starting now!

You can follow on www.twitter.com/thewookieway and I'm about to post a thread on 2+2 about it. I think people have performed greater feats. Not sure why this sounds so hard to some. But apparently people are already betting against me. Time for some Prop Bets.

Due to monitor restrictions (not on my home pc) I will have to do this 4 tabling. 6 at most but that will wear me down more. 6 screens won't fit :P

Wish me luck! Better yet, as always, wish me a clear mind and determination.
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