Sunday, December 6, 2009

Arrgh. Dedicated but still FAILed.

I was so worried about making sure I was well rested for the 3 PCA Freeroll Main Events today.. that I didn't even take home my new motherboard to finish building my PC. I might have stayed up too late trying to finish it. And just in case the 3rd tourney ran late, I went to work so I would already be there for Monday morning. Great plan, huh?

Real dedicated, giving up Saturday night, going out with friends, playing live, etc etc etc.. And guess what happened? I woke up with 30 mins left to sleep before I had to get up and get read, and hit snooze.

Didn't wake up until 2 hours later. 1800 or so in tournament from Blinding out. ACK!

3 Chances to win a Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure worth $15k and a badly needed vacation, to get to play with some of my Pokerstars friends in the Bahamas, and play in a tournament where I can win approx 3 Million? And I SLEPT through the first one???

Let's hope that the extra sleep I got serves me well in the next 2 tournaments. I look forward to the day when I can set my own schedule! I just might be a better player if I can SHOW up to the tournaments I'm entered in! Maybe.

Edit: I forgot to add that I did not put myself on Tilt because I let this happen. It's not the end of the world, and it is not affecting me. A simple conscious decision. I just file away the info and lesson learned for next time. Then I stamp "priority" because this has happened before! We need to learn from our mistakes in all areas of life, right? Especially Poker.
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