Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WSOP on ESPN 6pm PST 11/10/09

I was narrating live, for the WSOP final 2 players last night between Moon and Cada, when Twitter decided I was over the limit for spam and shut me down for a few hours. I didn't realize there was a daily Tweet limit! I guess I'll have reduce the retweets, and condense the hands into 1 Tweet in the future.
So with that, I ended up going to bed! And since I do not yet know who won, I can try to avoid the Net all day and watch it on ESPN :) *IF* I can resist the temptation... Do I want to? I'm not sure.
I'm usually the type of person who would rather know realtime. Unless I have something DVR'ed and can watch it later :)

Spoiler info!:
If you want to read about who won before tonight, check out Tao of Poker Pauly's post here : http://taopoker.blogspot.com/
I only recommend blogs I read myself.

After tonight, I will finally be able to work on my "between bankrolls" situation, and start building one. I'm still narrowing down computer parts, isolation in my room, a comfy 18 hour comfortable chair, and an optimum schedule with update revisions built in.

There are a couple bloggers out there with bankroll challenges and such that I need to catch up on, and will undoubtedly report about them and my own success, or lack thereof, here on my blog. Hopefully, I'll even find the time to be entertaining. Don't hold your breath though.
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