Saturday, November 7, 2009

WSOP Final 9 is down to 7... reports, other news

Well I hadn't planned on blogging during the Final Table, but here's a couple posts... maybe I should find a position in reporting on major events.... wonder if it would get in the way of me Playing in such events? I should enquire from all my twitter friends, with a decent percentage of those in the poker news world, among others.

Moon makes a big raise, and get reraised, with 45 million in t he post, he has to only call 6.4mil, everyone screaming he has pot odds, etc.. how can he not call? He folds. This put him at 39mil. Everyone talks about it, he explains why, etc... remember not to let the crowd or what "other people think" distract you when in a major tournament, like the largest poker tournament in the world :P
This may be the most talked about hand so far.. except for ..

Schaffel out with Aces vs Kings, Buchman hits K and K for Quads!

Schaffel had already knocked out Akenhead with 99 vs 33. This after Akenhead had doubled up against Saout, with K Q vs A K, hitting a needed Queen on the river! Even on the radio broadcast, it was exciting play ;)

Current Standings at Dinner Break (7pm to 9pm):
Eric Buchman 55,175,000
Darvin Moon 41,950,000
Steven Begleiter 37,200,000
Antoine Saout 26,225,000
Phil Ivey 16,350,000
Joe Cada 11,650,000
Jeff Shulman 7,025,000

Kevin Schaffel $1,300,288 for 8th
James Akenhead $1,263,602 for 9th

Posting this, then getting back to some reviews/reading. And of course I have to go read the Tao of Poker! And PokerNews Daily, etc....
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