Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where's Darvin now?

I'm finally watching the WSOP Main Event Final table on the internet.. while playing cash games. I was playing HORRIBLE earlier, knowing I should have gone to sleep. I was down almost 40% of my bankroll! I am now down only 20% now, with patience, no tilt, etc... I would have stopped playing if I couldn't keep my level of play up, and worried about it later.
The last thing I want to do, is feel I "need" to get even. I've seen so many people make that mistake and go broke after being ahead, or almost even, etc... If you are playing your A game, and not on tilt, your variance will not matter. It's NICE to always win, always be ahead, but it's not reality. So no need to stress about downswings, or overextend trying to "recoup" losses.

Speaking of playing my A game, I need to get some sleep! It's going to be a WAR tomorrow, and I look forward to it. Dream Job battlefront, Here I Come!
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