Saturday, November 7, 2009

Twitter, WSOP final 9, and some thoughts

I think the reason I started using Twitter was because of Poker and the WSOP! It was pretty cool to keep up with stuff faster than it was appearing on the web. I love the live broadcasts, even when they don't have video.

Despite everyone's concern about, and I quote, "the worst play ever at a WSOP final table", Darvin Moon is back in 2nd place.
Eric Buchman is going to make me eat my words. But that's the great thing about poker. It's taught me to make mistakes, and keep moving forward with a positive attitude. Let me find my tweets...
"Made some crazy predictions for WSOP,
top 3 Ivey, Cada, and Shulman.
middle 3 Moon, Schaffel, Begleiter,
Bottom 3 Buchman Akenhead Saout" (to quote myself)

I got Akenhead right, but Buchman going to make me eat my words with the lead, and Schulman got a long way to go to get to top 3. I like Schulman as a sleeper winner because he talks poker daily. Saout doing well too, and looking strong. Phil Ivey grinding away, and still a solid contender. I'd bet on him if I had anything to bet!

More later...
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