Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some Poker News, I have fun short live tourney, minor places in big tourneys online

So, what's the latest? If only I had enough time to play like this guy, who set the world record for hands in a day? ( as far as we know, rumors have it others have hit this mark as well) .. from our friends at PokerstarsBlog

The Brunson 10 are up to things.. and you can follow them on Twitter @brunson10

I played in a live tournament against my better judgement last night, and my instincts were right. I had a good time, but played worse than I have in a while. Not really bad, just picked bad spots a couple times, and should have played a lot more conservatively. Fancy Poker Syndrome. I have learned to NOT play poker online, in tournament or cash games, if at all possible, when my instincts say not to. This was a once a month home game among some friends, so I went anyway.
At least I look like a total newb for next time ;)

It looks like this was stuck in draft folder for a while...
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