Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dream Job.. Final Tomrrow.. Really? I have a chance??

It's starting to hit me.. I've got a 4th and 2 5th's in tournaments in the past week. I've won 3 tickets for the PCA final on Dec 6th. Win one of those 3, and I'm going to the Bahamas!

Tomorrow is the PokerStars Dream Job Final. currently about 404 players. I'm figuring around 500 by tomorrow, at most? I like those odds. It'll be some fierce competition I'm sure. But it'll be fun :)
The Winner gets $5,000 a month for the next year, and $40,000 in Live Tournament entry fees. Wow. That's the Dream Job for me! Throw in a Racing sponsorship and it couldn't get any better! Well, maybe a record deal as well, and then we have perfection. LOL!
But seriously, if I win this, I'll be able to afford being my own sponsor. And though it's going to be one of the most hotly contested contests on Pokerstars, I'm feeling good about it.

PCA Freeroll Fantasy Main Events (I paid to win my satellites, how does that make them Freerolls?) on Dec 6.
5am PT, 2811 players
11am PT, 2831 players
5pm PT, 5843 players. It pays to be the early bird! That's going to be a LONG day for me.. I am entered in all 3 tournaments. Top 9 of each win a package though! Isn't that generous of Pokerstars? It should be a blast in the Bahamas!

I am looking forward to what is after that to focus on. Meeting my goals as I go, but setting up my warroom for optimum play still the main priority right now. (poker priority)
Bay 101 Shooting Stars is in March, WSOP in next June/July, WCOOP next September, ..
In light of all this tournament fun, I will still be concentrating on my cash games and live play as well. I have a couple poker friends to talk to about things and help with that offline theory that is good for your game. I think I underrated it before, but am beginning to see the light.

If things keep going this well, I won't need to worry about backing or staking, I'll be able to write my own ticket. Thinking positive always helps, in all areas of life.
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