Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do you show cards when playing for cash Online or Live?

It seems to me, that few people these days are willing to show their cards, or their bluffs while playing online. Sometimes, they will live, a small percentage of the time more than online. It seems when everyone is having fun, people are more likely to show, AND more likely to have fun even when losing. This will keep people around longer, so it's good for your game, right? Yet, sadly, it's a rare sight online. I'd say 1 table in 15 or so might enjoy a good conversation, and maybe 1 table in 30 actually have a few people having fun! Here's to more fun if you see me at the felts, Live or Online :)
Why not have fun in everything you do in life? There are enough situations where you need to be serious, but even then, a positive attitude will go a long way to making things more bearable.

Now some will say they won't show, because it's better to keep them guessing. And I understand this philosophy, it's very logical and solid gameplay, for the most part. But if you are able to change gears, which is a must to play with the best, showing can be fun ;) Just make sure you don't outwit them so good that you forget where ya are in the hand!
Salute to "rocky144" on Pokerstars who I just won a big gamble against :)
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