Friday, November 27, 2009

Distractions, Stamina, Satellites, etc.. and a Royal Flush!

You know, I'd make a whole lot more posts if I stopped trying to make them while I'm playing :)
I was playing 4 tournaments earlier, and doing well in each for a while, but eventually, you'll make a small mistake here or there, or time out in this hand just before you click , etc...

I've had a goal of winning a seat in the Pokerstars Carribean Adventure in the Bahamas, and have been playing those satellites when I can. You can win up to *3* tickets for the PCA main tournaments on Dec 6, at 5am, 11am and 5pm (PST) So far, I have 2 tickets, so I'll be playing the 11am for sure, and have to figure out which of the other 2 will be best for me.. but if things go well, I'll win my 3rd ticket, and enter all 3! I had hoped to win 1, was glad to win 2, and am actually optimistic of winning a 3rd. Wouldn't have thought that a couple months ago.

I have won a few $109 seats for various tournaments, including the PokerStars Dream Job Final. It's on Nov 29th, at 4pm PST. The winner gets a $5k a month salary and $40k in tournament entries! For a year. Isn't that the perfect job for a new professional poker player?
Well, it is and it isn't. I would LOVE to take advantage of that opportunity. But just like winning the Lottery, it would allow for a different set of problems to be handled. Like becoming too lax, too loose, etc... Maybe earning your way there on your own would be more satisfying? More rewarding?
You wouldn't have to listen to the naysayers "oh he is just a pro because he WON a donkfest" etc.. But you will always get that sort of thing from at least SOME people. And you should never let it bother you. It's human nature that small minds will gossip. Most people grow out of it, eventually. Don't let it affect you, it can't unless you let it. Always remember that.

So I've been getting distracted from Bloggin. Had lots of stuff to write about, but have been too busy playing when I should be bloggin, and vice versa. Time to start writing stuff down.

It's only been about 6 hours of play time, but I'm getting tired, and know what happens when I try to play while too tired. I don't play my "A" game. And I should follow my own advice. Since I give it out so freely where it's not asked for ;)

Having the laptop fixed will allow me to write more while I commute, where I have plenty of time to think.

I better get back to building this bankroll. Been keeping ahead, even after paying for all my tournaments, etc.. Not even counting those $109 seats ;) ... Got a couple $215 ones to win for Sunday....
Until later.
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