Sunday, November 8, 2009

Darvin Moon and Joe Cada will be heads up in WSOP final

I'm so tired! But we are down to 2 players in the WSOP Main Event. TV on Tuesday night should be great, and I look forward to seeing those HOLE cards. There was a lot of raising and folding going on, and was a while before we saw a lot of all ins and calls.

Chip Counts:
Joe Cada 136,925,000
Darvin Moon 58,875,000

1. $8,546,435
2. $5,182,601
3. Antoine Saout, France $3,479,485
4. Eric Buchman, USA$2,502,787
5. Jeff Shulman, USA, $1,953,395
6. Steven Begleiter, USA, $1,587,133
7. Phil Ivey, USA, $1,404,002
8. Kevin Schaffel, USA, PokerStars qualifier, $1,300,228
9. James Akenhead, UK, $1,263,602

Thank you Pokerstars Blog for info when I was too tired to type or think :) Goodnight all!
Play resumes Heads Up Monday evening around 10pm, PST I hear. Not sure if it's EST instead, but we'll see :)

Edit: fixed some sleepy typos!
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