Sunday, November 8, 2009

15 to 16 hours later.. 5 still left in WSOP!

It's been an interesting WSOP MAIN EVENT Final Table. It's the first one that I've witnessed realtime, and followed all the way from start to finish.
As has happened to me so many times, when playing perfect poker, no regrets, no mistakes, nothing to play better when evaluating hands after, Ivey got knocked out by Moon on a suckout. If it can happen to Ivey, it can happen to anyone, right? Yes, it can. That's the truth of the matter. Poker will never be as boring a Nascar race where the lead never changes, because of that.

Everyone has played smart poker. Only Moon has made a couple "mistakes" that people were going on about, but maybe that's because he IS the novice tournament player, and everyone knows better than him how to play and what they WOULD have done in his shoes. How easy it is to think that from the outside, hindsight is 20/20.

Most everyone has been trying to avoid going all in and risking races unless they have to. Even when they have had to, we have seen precious little of those. They will be able to reduce the Tuesday night broadcast pretty far based on todays play so far!

Shulman is shortstacked severely but everyone else is good, with Moon in 4th, and the other 3 in the 43 to 53 mil range. I believe Cada was in the lead when we went on break, but I'm tired an could be wrong :P see my tweets for updates.
upon inspection looks like Moon got a hand while I wasn't looking a lot closer to the others who are all under 50 mil right now. Moon still in 4th but for all intents and purposes it's a 4 way race at the moment and anyone's game.

Who wants to see Shulman make the comeback?
This one time, in Poker Camp, I came back in a Hubbles from 65 chips to get 15th! lol
yup, we're tired around here. Back to the felts.
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