Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lots of points to cover and Taking Suggestions

Health issues have kept me from posting much, or even playing much poker.
I haven't been on UB at all, and from I can see, I almost regret deleting my AP account so I could make a UB account to go play with Annie Duke, and the others there. From what I can see, Absolute Poker has better customer service. Maybe a resurrection is in order. I'll email them.

What would you like to see in THIS blog about poker? or anything that I have half an opinion about? Because I'm in an opinionated mood and going to write this month :)
I care about what you think. You have source here to ask questions or talk about things that are important to you.

But I am feeling much better, and have a lap top so I can write more. Even when I can't get online with it, I'll be able to write down all those things that keep meaning to when I am traveling. I'm even going to write on my personal blog that rarely gets touched.

My guitar used to be my therapy, but I haven't replaced my last one, and need another source for therapy, so my blogs and my poker will get a lot of attention. Until I am creating music too. But I'm sure I can find some way to mix the two. or three. I have too many hobbies/careers/interests ... but c'est la vie!

More tomorrow on the following subjects:
Poker and Leaks in your Game
Online Attitudes and Behaviour
Bankrolls and management
My favorite players and Why.
People Change - Mike "the Mouth" Matusow, Phil "the PokerBrat" Helmuth, etc...
How Deep is your Game? (sounds like a book title! hmmm, another idea? I'll wait til people insist I write a book before I do)

Good luck on the felts! and everywhere else too.
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