Saturday, October 3, 2009

Health and Playing Poker

It's good to know your limits. I know a lot of people who know better than to play while drinking, and a few that don't! Same for any other mind altering substances, and any sport, job, etc....

However, when you are sick, sometimes you got to work. An employer may prefer to have your partial performance, over no performance. But what about your poker game? Should you play while sick? What are you limits?

I've learned, that I can still play sick, if I need to. But I've also learned, I will only play sick, IF I NEED TO! Whenever I can decide NOT to play while sick, I will choose not to.

I have been sick, to the point that I've only gone to work, and come home and slept, and nothing else for over 2 weeks. I went to the doctor which I never do, and got some tests done. They didn't find anything out, and want to do more tests, and I will get them, because I know something serious is wrong.

However, I am finally feeling better, and will start posting again. I have a lot of other blogs to catch up on reading. I have music to write, people to go visit, and accomplishments to acheive. I feel like my life has been on hold, but I am back, and finally playing poker. It was killing me not to play, but after I sqaundered some of my bankroll, and I had to admit that the small percentage change in my playing, was having a larger effect on my bankroll.

Ah, patience. Not one of my virtues. But a necessary skill. Time to get back to the tables and check out these Double or Nothing Sit N Gos!

See you on Pokerstars! (or occasionally Ultimate Bet. I should be in Aruba!)
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