Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dispelling Myth's and Superstitions..

"Lucky in Love, Unlucky in Cards", and vice versa, seemed to be a mantra I lived by. If my love life was going well, I stayed away from cards, or any form of gambling. And when my love life wasn't going so well, I'd really enjoy playing cards. Like I have for the past few years! ;)

But what is really going on here? If you want to be superstitious, you go right ahead. Myself, however, having decided to be a professional poker player, can't afford this luxury.

What is really going on mentally? If you are lucky in love, odds are, you're thinking about things other than the task at hand, quite often daydreaming, and that is affecting your results. No matter what you do :) How often have you had trouble in school or work, because you are falling in love? (or have seen this happen to others?)
But too much of anything is not a good thing, so always remember balance in all things. Moderation is an underrated idea. It seems to be an integral part of happiness.

So, conversely, if you are having bad luck in love, Poker might be a welcome distraction and give you some enjoyment, and therefore it is easier to concentrate on. A simple logic problem. No voodoo here :)

Everyone is different, and at a different place in their life. Life is an evolution, a growing process. But being aware of such things can help you to make better decisions in all things. Just like learning the odds in poker. Just like reviewing companies before you invest in stocks. Etc etc.

Good luck on the felts, even though confidence and knowledge will serve you better :) Perhaps I can send you away with both.
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