Thursday, August 27, 2009

Work, Work, Sleep, Poker, Sleep, Work, Work..

Not enough hours in a day... when I am finally playing FULL time and have the LUXURY of making my own schedule, it will be a wonderful thing.

This week has been good for poker, when I've been able to play. Lots of working.

Yesterday I play a 90 man sit n go, NLH, and got 1st! That was fun too. I was playing my A game, but I'd have to say that I felt I was getting pretty luck cards for a change instead of complete crap. Because of that, I think my Fold Equity was pretty high, as people kept folding around to me, and folding to my value or blocking bets.
We'll see how long it is before I win another one....
It's not like I haven't won some before.. but I'm eager to land a 6000 person or more tourney in 1st. I've gotten 15th twice and KNOW I can do it, but it'll feel good to log some wins.

Played a live game with friends at a house, approx 20 players, for a HORSE tourney.
(Hold'em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, Eight or Better Omaha) LIMIT TOURNEY.
I *hate* Limit games.
I got 8th though.. paid down to 6th. It was supposed to pay down to 9th, but we had some no shows (you know who you are!!)
There was a fine mix of talent and novices there, so it was FUN!

I'll have to look at what we are playing next month ;)

Even though I *hate* Limit games, I've been forcing myself to learn them, just like every other variation of poker. I'm trying to make sure when I finally sit down with the pros at HORSE or 8game mixed, I can hold my own ;)

Things are going well. Mark my words: It's only a matter of time before I AM sitting with the pros. I wonder how long they'll call me an amatuer?
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