Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Update

Face the Ace aired for the first time last night, but I missed it! I'll be watching for the replays or watching online if available. I love Poker After Dark, so I will hopefully enjoy this as well. After all, Ali Nejad has to do something besides post us wonderful rooftop pool pics! :)
Post your comments if you have an opinion about the show.
Here is a copycat, I mean someone else doing what I had planned, with building a bankroll from next to nothing. :) And someone for me to take notes from ;)
'Boku87' has achieved some impressive things in his poker career - he was a Supernova Elite 2007, successfully completed a challenge to turn $100 into $10,000 in just 14 days, and finished 14th in the EPT Grand Final in 2008. However his latest challenge will be the biggest yet!

I think Sunday Updates are going to be a required weekly post to help keep me on track ;)
Scott Ian's Home Game promotion... sounds like a blast :)
It's always fun to mix racing, RocknRoll, Poker and other interests all into the same area, more fun that way :)
This is one of the more useful sites for rakeback info, and run by one of the people I met and chat with on Twitter. Thanks Earl! I hope you'll be sending me Christmas cards thanking me for all the money I'll be making you ;) and by the way... mine is

PrePaid Visa's and using them for over seas... Green Dot is domestic only! So you can't use it on your favorite poker sites (in most cases). Because of current laws/regulations, online casinos and sites are not located in the US. Hopefully, the PPA will help get that changed, and it will HELP our economy. Sound like a Win - Win situation? Yeah, me too!
Guess I'll use this one to pay my phone bill and get a new ringtone. The default ones for Boost Mobile are annoying and purposefully minute!

BOOST Mobile Phone, base phone $50 (I spent $60 for the one with no slip grip and blue tooth) and $50 a month for unlimited Talk (anytime), Text and Web. Perfect for me. They no longer seem to have network problems with long delays on texts. The only con for me is they charge a dollar a day on days when you use SMS texting (lesser text form but more widely used world wide) but unlimited number of messages. So I don't have some of my emails set up to send to my phone because of this. I may get to the point where I don't mind adding $30 a month for the convenience of not having to log into anything to save time... but not right now.

I've played a few different online web based poker games, and the social networks such as Myspace, Facebook, etc... My new job at, we have one coming out, so I get to play poker at work, a little bit. (not as much as you might think) for US, French, German, and England
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