Saturday, August 8, 2009

Poker sites and online confidence

It's amazing just how many people think that online poker is rigged, whether it be at the major sites, or social network gaming.

Having checked things out thoroughly over the past year, I can assure, 90 percent of the places you would play poker are certified legit. No conspiracies, no rigged dealing. It's totally random. So random, that it "feels" a little different than live poker, but is truely just perfectly random.

Pokerstars, and some other of the bigger sites, have their software tested, and the results posted, to insure player confidence. It's in their best interest to NOT have any kind of cheating or bad software ever. And they back this up with proof.

Some of the smaller sites, web games, and similar places I cannot vouch for, but if they want to keep their players, they will make sure their games stay secure.
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