Sunday, August 16, 2009

Having Fun!

Off to a good start... up 10% on the day after playing a large variety of tournies, sit n goes, and cash games. And enjoying my time at the table.

I've got my database up to keep track of my stats, and be able to review my play where necessary.

Still setting up my schedules to see when and where is the best time to play.

Time to give my secretary a raise to keep me focused! hehe

Watched 2months, 2million ... will be an interesting show, and informative for family members that aren't fully aware of what my 2nd job is all about!
For whatever reason, the show was on G4 but at 10:30pm instead of the advertised 9pm. Will have to note my calendar.

Speaking of calendars, have a good start on my tournament calendar. Got a dryerase board calandar to keep track of playtime and upcoming tournaments.

Time to shopping for a laptop. Still researching all the pertinent info for what my minimum requirements should be.
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