Saturday, August 15, 2009

FINALLY! Deposits made, and we're off to the races!

After much fussing around with various deposit options at Pokerstars, I got my bank accounts situated, and got my deposit in. It's time to build my bankroll here, soon to be followed by a couple other sites where I can take advantage of first time deposits and play a few tournies with friends, but the lion's share of my time will be spent on my first home, Pokerstars.
If you want to join me, click on my banners for Pokerstars here and I'll get credit, and thank you very much!

I played some live games in the San Francisco bay area... lots of good casinos in this area. Occasionally you'll see some noteworthy people. I report here the more interesting of these meetings ;)
Only notable this week was that Dr Pauly drove through on way to Phish concerts that he seems to be following around the country, and Phil Helmuth was playing golf at Stonebrae.
Oh wait! There was this one interesting side point... met a friend of a friend who slept with Phil back in the day ;) lol .. it's a small world! ... back to poker now.

Played in some tournaments today, nothing much to report... got 947 and 290th places. Freerolls. I have been concentrating on work and school, so I haven't been focused on poker much, except to get to where I can finally focus on it. I'm here!

Though my official first tourney result, for a 20 cent tourney, was ... I slept through it! Had about 1.5 hours to nap before it, and thought I'd take a quick nap.... and slept right through it!
Now that's a great way to start of my ROI tracking!

Playing in a live game with friends in bay area, HORSE this month. Will be entering in a few of those on Pokerstars or Ultimate Bet (do they have them there?) to be fresh. I think this tourney is on the 25th. I must arrange transportation or perhaps a motel room that night.

Current Book I'm reading:
"Professional Poker, The Essential Guide to Playing For A Living"
by Mark Blade
I highly recommend this for any professional poker player or anyone who's seriously thinking about it. It covers stuff lots of the other books leave out, is well written, and is my favorite and most useful I've found so far.
Next up... Mike Matusow's "Check Raisin the Devil" for entertainment, before the next poker theory book... if you are going to play pro, might as well read them all!

Playing on Pokerstars now, come join me at the PLAY MONEY tables, Phoenix tables, or find me in the cash games or tournies :)
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