Thursday, August 27, 2009

Work, Work, Sleep, Poker, Sleep, Work, Work..

Not enough hours in a day... when I am finally playing FULL time and have the LUXURY of making my own schedule, it will be a wonderful thing.

This week has been good for poker, when I've been able to play. Lots of working.

Yesterday I play a 90 man sit n go, NLH, and got 1st! That was fun too. I was playing my A game, but I'd have to say that I felt I was getting pretty luck cards for a change instead of complete crap. Because of that, I think my Fold Equity was pretty high, as people kept folding around to me, and folding to my value or blocking bets.
We'll see how long it is before I win another one....
It's not like I haven't won some before.. but I'm eager to land a 6000 person or more tourney in 1st. I've gotten 15th twice and KNOW I can do it, but it'll feel good to log some wins.

Played a live game with friends at a house, approx 20 players, for a HORSE tourney.
(Hold'em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, Eight or Better Omaha) LIMIT TOURNEY.
I *hate* Limit games.
I got 8th though.. paid down to 6th. It was supposed to pay down to 9th, but we had some no shows (you know who you are!!)
There was a fine mix of talent and novices there, so it was FUN!

I'll have to look at what we are playing next month ;)

Even though I *hate* Limit games, I've been forcing myself to learn them, just like every other variation of poker. I'm trying to make sure when I finally sit down with the pros at HORSE or 8game mixed, I can hold my own ;)

Things are going well. Mark my words: It's only a matter of time before I AM sitting with the pros. I wonder how long they'll call me an amatuer?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Having Fun!

Off to a good start... up 10% on the day after playing a large variety of tournies, sit n goes, and cash games. And enjoying my time at the table.

I've got my database up to keep track of my stats, and be able to review my play where necessary.

Still setting up my schedules to see when and where is the best time to play.

Time to give my secretary a raise to keep me focused! hehe

Watched 2months, 2million ... will be an interesting show, and informative for family members that aren't fully aware of what my 2nd job is all about!
For whatever reason, the show was on G4 but at 10:30pm instead of the advertised 9pm. Will have to note my calendar.

Speaking of calendars, have a good start on my tournament calendar. Got a dryerase board calandar to keep track of playtime and upcoming tournaments.

Time to shopping for a laptop. Still researching all the pertinent info for what my minimum requirements should be.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

FINALLY! Deposits made, and we're off to the races!

After much fussing around with various deposit options at Pokerstars, I got my bank accounts situated, and got my deposit in. It's time to build my bankroll here, soon to be followed by a couple other sites where I can take advantage of first time deposits and play a few tournies with friends, but the lion's share of my time will be spent on my first home, Pokerstars.
If you want to join me, click on my banners for Pokerstars here and I'll get credit, and thank you very much!

I played some live games in the San Francisco bay area... lots of good casinos in this area. Occasionally you'll see some noteworthy people. I report here the more interesting of these meetings ;)
Only notable this week was that Dr Pauly drove through on way to Phish concerts that he seems to be following around the country, and Phil Helmuth was playing golf at Stonebrae.
Oh wait! There was this one interesting side point... met a friend of a friend who slept with Phil back in the day ;) lol .. it's a small world! ... back to poker now.

Played in some tournaments today, nothing much to report... got 947 and 290th places. Freerolls. I have been concentrating on work and school, so I haven't been focused on poker much, except to get to where I can finally focus on it. I'm here!

Though my official first tourney result, for a 20 cent tourney, was ... I slept through it! Had about 1.5 hours to nap before it, and thought I'd take a quick nap.... and slept right through it!
Now that's a great way to start of my ROI tracking!

Playing in a live game with friends in bay area, HORSE this month. Will be entering in a few of those on Pokerstars or Ultimate Bet (do they have them there?) to be fresh. I think this tourney is on the 25th. I must arrange transportation or perhaps a motel room that night.

Current Book I'm reading:
"Professional Poker, The Essential Guide to Playing For A Living"
by Mark Blade
I highly recommend this for any professional poker player or anyone who's seriously thinking about it. It covers stuff lots of the other books leave out, is well written, and is my favorite and most useful I've found so far.
Next up... Mike Matusow's "Check Raisin the Devil" for entertainment, before the next poker theory book... if you are going to play pro, might as well read them all!

Playing on Pokerstars now, come join me at the PLAY MONEY tables, Phoenix tables, or find me in the cash games or tournies :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Poker sites and online confidence

It's amazing just how many people think that online poker is rigged, whether it be at the major sites, or social network gaming.

Having checked things out thoroughly over the past year, I can assure, 90 percent of the places you would play poker are certified legit. No conspiracies, no rigged dealing. It's totally random. So random, that it "feels" a little different than live poker, but is truely just perfectly random.

Pokerstars, and some other of the bigger sites, have their software tested, and the results posted, to insure player confidence. It's in their best interest to NOT have any kind of cheating or bad software ever. And they back this up with proof.

Some of the smaller sites, web games, and similar places I cannot vouch for, but if they want to keep their players, they will make sure their games stay secure.

Boku87 and his Pokerstars challenge!

I'll be following Boku87's progress in this challenge. I have plans to try something similar on a more casual level, for now. ;)

Edit: changed link to main link on Pokerstars, where you can find all the update links :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pokerstars rare sign up bonus, AND a Reload bonus too

It doesn't happen often on the biggest online poker site, Pokerstars, but here it is, and wonderful timing for me and my first deposit ;) I'm a happy camper.

Two different codes, make sure you enter the correct one! It's definitely time for me to update my Pokerstars affiliate info and get you all the links here on my blog.

World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) satellites running now, for this Sep 3 - 20th
Lots of poker fun in the near future. It's going to be a fun summer.

There is more interesting stuff at this link, but I'll promote the funnest part:

Fund Friend

Give your country’s qualifying chances a boost by making sure all your friends play! Use our ‘Player to Player’ transfer feature (conditions apply) to transfer as little as $1 to a friend so they can play in a $0.20 tourney and join your national fight for points. As a reward for your generosity, we will award $50 to anyone who makes a transfer to a player who uses it to play in a $0.20 tournament and makes a final table.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Update

Face the Ace aired for the first time last night, but I missed it! I'll be watching for the replays or watching online if available. I love Poker After Dark, so I will hopefully enjoy this as well. After all, Ali Nejad has to do something besides post us wonderful rooftop pool pics! :)
Post your comments if you have an opinion about the show.
Here is a copycat, I mean someone else doing what I had planned, with building a bankroll from next to nothing. :) And someone for me to take notes from ;)
'Boku87' has achieved some impressive things in his poker career - he was a Supernova Elite 2007, successfully completed a challenge to turn $100 into $10,000 in just 14 days, and finished 14th in the EPT Grand Final in 2008. However his latest challenge will be the biggest yet!

I think Sunday Updates are going to be a required weekly post to help keep me on track ;)
Scott Ian's Home Game promotion... sounds like a blast :)
It's always fun to mix racing, RocknRoll, Poker and other interests all into the same area, more fun that way :)
This is one of the more useful sites for rakeback info, and run by one of the people I met and chat with on Twitter. Thanks Earl! I hope you'll be sending me Christmas cards thanking me for all the money I'll be making you ;) and by the way... mine is

PrePaid Visa's and using them for over seas... Green Dot is domestic only! So you can't use it on your favorite poker sites (in most cases). Because of current laws/regulations, online casinos and sites are not located in the US. Hopefully, the PPA will help get that changed, and it will HELP our economy. Sound like a Win - Win situation? Yeah, me too!
Guess I'll use this one to pay my phone bill and get a new ringtone. The default ones for Boost Mobile are annoying and purposefully minute!

BOOST Mobile Phone, base phone $50 (I spent $60 for the one with no slip grip and blue tooth) and $50 a month for unlimited Talk (anytime), Text and Web. Perfect for me. They no longer seem to have network problems with long delays on texts. The only con for me is they charge a dollar a day on days when you use SMS texting (lesser text form but more widely used world wide) but unlimited number of messages. So I don't have some of my emails set up to send to my phone because of this. I may get to the point where I don't mind adding $30 a month for the convenience of not having to log into anything to save time... but not right now.

I've played a few different online web based poker games, and the social networks such as Myspace, Facebook, etc... My new job at, we have one coming out, so I get to play poker at work, a little bit. (not as much as you might think) for US, French, German, and England

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Popular Science Freeroll on Pokerstars tomorrow

Here is a link for info on about the freeroll from Popular Science magazine on Pokerstars

Make sure you are playing the version of the client in any freeroll where you can earn cash, as the is the play money only version ;)

It's been a busy week, but I'm catching up on everything. Updating page, adding affiliate info, and links to start you playing if you haven't yet!

More to come today ;)