Friday, July 10, 2009

Why the Paradox in Poker and Life?

Some nicknames are given to us by others. Some are accidental. But some, we choose. I choose Paradox, because if how many paradoxes I have seen in my life. Such as the following...

Quoting Andy_Bloch:
Don't bluff, because they'll always call just to see what you got. RT @EmilyJillette: Maybe we should get a skeptic game going?

It's funny, that the "better" the player, the more useful the "tool" of bluffing can be. The "lesser" the player, the more likely they will call/reraise you. I see a lot of frustration and venting from better players expecting people to play a certain way. That's bad poker in my book. Phil Ivey, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Vanessa Rousso, Huck Seed, and Gus Hansen set wonderful examples of how to adapt to changing conditions. This is a valuable lesson from life, adapting to the world around you, accepting the things you cannot change, and changing the things that you can, which is only YOU!
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