Saturday, July 4, 2009

Poker sites, .Net vs .Com ...??

(note: all internet addresses are entered without any caps, unless noted otherwise. Caps is used to easily show the differences between the addresses)

What is the difference between the sites that possess both .net and .com endings?
After watching Poker After Dark so often, I can hear the Poker Pros reciting "we play at FullTiltPoker.Net" ... but I noticed they have a .com also. Now given my knowledge of web pages and my internet background, this should be as simple as owning both domain names, and having on merely redirect to the other site, NOTHING MORE!

However, on Pokerstars, I know there is a difference. If you download software from Pokerstars.NET, you cannot upload an image to go with your name. If you download from Pokerstars.Com, you can upload an image to go with your name. For myself, I have the fabulously fast ride shown here on my image profile. Now I wonder... Why is there this difference? And whatever caused the difference in the first place, why has it not been removed now? Shouldn't you be using the same software regardless of which one you signed up with? I would think so.

So on FullTilt, where I have not signed up yet, I noticed the two internet addresses and decided to make this post. How many other sites out there have the same issue? What's up with this issue? Is it something fishy or just lazy workmanship?

I'll let you know what I find out...

On a more colorful note, I've decided my blog could use some more visual flair. In the future, the pics may pertain to the posts, but for now, I'll just post some things that interest me, goals, art, etc...
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