Saturday, July 25, 2009

Busy week, finally some updates, some nice links

Nice article link post with Annie Duke...,CST-NWS-poker26.article

World Record length Twitter from Todd Brunson... reposting here so it's easier to read ;) I don't think I wanna retweet this one due to size...

ToddBrunson via Twitter:
Ok I gotta tell this poker hand that happened last night..It's frealin hilarious. We were playing 4 handed 2-4 mixed games
thecurrent game was ace to 5 tripple draw and we were 4 handed. Jeff Lisandro raised, David Bach (He just won the 50k HORSE) 3 bet and....
I 4 bet it from the big blind. I draw 1, Jeff 2 and David 3!! Same on the secon draw. Now afterthat I bet, jeff raised, david calls and I...
reraise. Jeff folds for one more bet and David calls. I'm pat with a 6 high straight (this is lowball but straights don't count) and david..
goes into the tank for over a minute. Now this is the last draw so if he's pat I'll bet, if he takes one I'll check, but he takes 2!!
well I'm such a big favorite here I just go ahead and bet out. He picks up 4 chips to call and while laughing says "I cought the same two..
This means the best hand he can have is a 7 so I proudly turn over my 6. This genius then turns oveA2456. Henot only broke the best hand..
He threw away a wheel card!!!!! Think about it. What was he hoping to catch? There are no cards lower than a wheel card!!!! LOL
Sorry if that was too long...It was just the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Even the dealer was laughing out loud

maybe he thought Ace 2 3 4 5 was the best hand, as per Razz rules? I'm confused by Lowball rules because on Pokerstars, in Razz, the best hand is Ace to 5, ignore Straights and Flushes, and is dealt like 7 card stud. In 2-7, the hand 2 3 4 5 7 is the best hand, straights and flushes are bad, aces are high, and it's a 5 card draw game, with single and triple draw versions .
Then other places play variations of these as well. It's fun to learn new versions and play, sometimes ;)

Poker News Daily on America's Cup of Poker on Pokerstars:

Poker tournament for bloggers, article on Bodog:

More to come, but I've got to go make a deposit on one of these sites ;)
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