Tuesday, July 28, 2009

brief update, link to freeroll on pokerstars with password

Got more memory for PC, should help with lag a LOT! Finally. Got a new mp3/video player, and got it loaded. Will be much more fun playing poker and traveling now.

Zen by Creative, 16gig, tiny, efficient, yet still plays videos and pics. On sale at Frys for $80 bucks.
4 gigs of newer memory for 50 bucks, 2 gigs of cheaper memory for older machines for 35 bucks!
Lots of stuff to buy, so I'm happy about the sales.

PC's and playing poker online, questions for pros! What laptops are ok, and which aren't? I plan on having a home pc with a nice HUGE and high def and low response time monitor, probably LED! But on a laptop.. I'm thinking battery life is important, and not having too small of a screen. Keyboards and mice can be travel items.

Found a small laptop with 9 hour battery life! Most cap out around 5.5 hours max, with the majority being around 3.3 hours... weak. I want to hear from those who have used laptops to play though, on screen size, weight, processor and memory requirements, et....

I'm trying not to get the best one I can with the excuse I can play/record music on it, etc... I can always get one just for that later.

Popular Science magazine having a freeroll for readers, follow the link, the password is 'popsci' which I luckily guessed before I found the info on the article ;) running the next 2 or 3 weekends I think... don't hold me to that one.

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