Friday, June 5, 2009

WSOP standings, Chris Ferguson on Bankrolls

Well it was good to hear Chris comfirming that I'm on the right track.
Chris Ferguson on Bankroll Management

The WSOP standings from Twitter:
Jen Harmen 7800 .. wants us to visualize her with a ton of chips!
Howard Lederer 27100 .. First time to Day 2 in this tourney.
Vanessa Rousso 50700 .. after a couple brutal bad beats! she doing well.
Daniel Negreanu 121200 .. very tired and ready for a break. He was getting loopy last night.

I want to share the lighter side of poker here as well, so I'm not just going to post the usual "just the facts" info. Plenty of other sites do that already. I'm going to post the entertaining and lighter side of poker ;)

Now that I have some substance on my blog, I'll increase the meta tags so this page comes up in searches and such more often ;)

upcoming posts: Poker Tracking Software and Databases, PokerJokerz, Poker Etiquette, Rake percentages, Bankroll Management. And hopefully some good results from my tournaments!
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