Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Working on Weaknesses

Going to start playing Omaha variations and stud variations at home with Dad to brush up on things that need improving. I do well at Razz and 2-7, but need work on Omaha and Stud.

Looking up worthwhile reading on Poker, such as Doyle's Super System. Looking for what is worth reading. Suggestions are welcome via comments, so others can benefit from this knowledge as well. :) Looking at the library, and will definitely check out the bookstore. There is a real nice store next to the local cardroom.

Was reading Chris Moneymakers book online, might have to read that one! Looks like interesting easy reading about his experience.

I need to install Full Tilt poker. PokerJokerz invitational. And a freeroll for $1500

Getting out of the house for a while, walking to store with family.
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