Have been doing much better. In half the time, same amount of points.. over 800 now. Not really going for the lead yet... had a job interview today that will hopefully sort out my bare necessities, and my start of bankroll, not to mention basic survival ;)

Started college Wednesday. Bachelor of Science, IT. I'll figure out our subdivision later. And how many degrees will be enough. And unless I want to pay all this out of pocket, I'll figure out what scholarships I'm available for and apply. Fun fun.

Found the info I needed for free bankrolls. Rakeback (though this is still incomplete). And before long, I'll have a satisfactory bankroll. And get to work on those bankroll management skills that are so key. And get to work on my live game as well. Even though the lion share of my income will be from online playing, I will not slack at all in those live game skills. ;)

I look forward to playing EVERYONE!

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Dear ZomBParadox,

PokerStars Tournament Leader Points for the period from 2008/12/31 21:00 PT [2009/01/01 0:00 ET] to 2009/06/26 21:00 PT [2009/06/27 0:00 ET] requested by ZomBParadox (zombparadox@yahoo.com) on 2009/06/25:

134677201Stud2009/01/18 18:22 PTfreeroll800039018.02
134677335SingleDraw2-7 NL2009/01/22 19:42 PTfreeroll670346415.12
146300077Hold'em NL2009/03/15 0:22 PTfreeroll900024823.97
162030201SingleDraw2-7 NL2009/05/13 23:42 PTfreeroll346035912.35
164456920SingleDraw2-7 NL2009/05/20 13:42 PTfreeroll700024921.10
164456932Hold'em NL2009/05/20 21:42 PTfreeroll90001597.47
164457011Hold'em NL2009/05/22 13:42 PTfreeroll900052416.49
164457021Hold'em NL2009/05/22 20:22 PTfreeroll900052516.48
163878919Omaha PL2009/05/24 11:00 PTfreeroll658579711.44
166260261SingleDraw2-7 NL2009/05/25 21:42 PTfreeroll39854238.76
166260287Razz2009/05/26 15:02 PTfreeroll562445114.05
166260294Hold'em NL2009/05/26 19:02 PTfreeroll900094112.31
166260380Hold'em NL2009/05/28 21:02 PTfreeroll900014831.03
167619243Hold'em NL2009/05/29 11:18 PT$0.103601526.65
166260405Razz2009/05/29 13:02 PTfreeroll631286110.77
166260406Hold'em NL2009/05/29 13:42 PTfreeroll900091312.49
166260409SingleDraw2-7 NL2009/05/29 15:42 PTfreeroll645150014.29
167730004Hold'em NL2009/05/29 19:39 PT$0.103603716.97
166260420Razz2009/05/29 23:02 PTfreeroll31047126.31
167757495Hold'em NL2009/05/29 23:05 PT$0.019907814.78
166260424SingleDraw2-7 NL2009/05/30 1:42 PTfreeroll374722916.10
167592637Razz2009/06/01 19:02 PTfreeroll482468810.54
167592641SingleDraw2-7 NL2009/06/01 21:42 PTfreeroll399130114.49
167592643Hold'em NL2009/06/01 23:02 PTfreeroll9000103211.75
168173072Hold'em NL2009/06/02 15:05 PT20FPP397231027.11
167592713Hold'em NL2009/06/03 21:42 PTfreeroll9000123210.76
167592785Hold'em NL2009/06/05 17:02 PTfreeroll900099911.94
167592790Hold'em NL2009/06/05 20:22 PTfreeroll900053916.26
170078211Hold'em NL2009/06/07 17:42 PT$0.0199014910.70
170117871Hold'em NL2009/06/07 22:04 PT$0.019904818.85
170137110Hold'em NL2009/06/08 1:32 PT$0.0199010212.93
169719667Omaha H/L NL2009/06/12 1:02 PTfreeroll545847313.52
169719705SingleDraw2-7 NL2009/06/13 1:42 PTfreeroll37886729.92
171726768Hold'em NL2009/06/15 23:02 PTfreeroll900037419.52
171726869Hold'em NL2009/06/18 18:22 PTfreeroll900033520.63
171726916SingleDraw2-7 NL2009/06/20 1:42 PTfreeroll387842612.01
173555470Omaha PL2009/06/21 21:42 PTfreeroll629716024.96
173555491SingleDraw2-7 NL2009/06/22 11:42 PTfreeroll700066412.92
173555494Badugi PL2009/06/22 13:42 PTfreeroll7637111110.43
173555527Stud H/L2009/06/23 11:42 PTfreeroll800061214.39
173555536SingleDraw2-7 NL2009/06/23 17:42 PTfreeroll700018524.48
173555538Hold'em NL2009/06/23 19:02 PTfreeroll900068714.40
173555543Hold'em NL2009/06/23 22:22 PTfreeroll900029322.05
1735556018-Game2009/06/25 12:22 PTfreeroll600025919.15
173555607Stud2009/06/25 16:22 PTfreeroll749637717.74
Total points:868.40

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