Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker

I signed up at Absolute last weekend when a friend on Pokerstars was playing there in tournaments. So I joined him, and installed AP on my sisters laptop. It had some graphics bugs while running Pokerstars (or maybe it has them without both running? not sure).
So I decided to install Ultimate Bet since they are owned by the same company. Well, if you are on AP or UB, you are playing on the same place, just using different software for the front end. You will see players both from AP and UB as though they are on the same site. But, because I had signed up with AP, I could not use my nick on UB.
I tried to get customer service to just switch me over, or change my nick on AP so I could use mine on UB.... but they couldn't do that. So I deleted my AP account. Had to go through security question and all that.
So now I go to sign up on UB.. and my nick is still not released/usable. Says it's in use. So I think to use my Twitter name, TheWookieWay (12 character max) but I'd MUCH rather have the same nick on all poker sites I play or post on, and I don't have a common nick. Poker Paradox was taken, by the way.
So if they get back to me soon, and someone in the technical department can help, I'll have ZomBParadox on PokerStars and UB.
I asked Annie for a promo code, was hoping for something like "ADBayAreaPlayers!" but she sent me to http://www.ubpokerleagues.com/ ... but I'm still sitting on the creation screen waiting for my nick to be free.
Absolute seems to have good customer service, as they are trying to work with me being a pain in the butt. I've heard before somewhere that they are there for their customers.

I wonder what other sites are linked like AP and UB are? I'll have to ask around for some reviews, or review the sites myself, though time is not on my side at the moment. I'm kind of Under The Gun at the moment.

The next thing I need to look into is tracking software, to keep track of all the hands I play.

And I get to read up on Razz and Lowball, which I do well at. They seem easier than Hold'em, as I can visualize all the cards in the deck, and think of what's available. I wonder how many people miss this vital element and for how long before they learn?

Time for more research. I used to hate talking so much, but, Networking. It's a way of life.
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