Tuesday, June 2, 2009

UB and Poker Leagues? Click here

Interesting, but not sure what it is all about. Annie Duke directed me to this site, because I was using her name for my referral to Ultimate Bet when signed up today. Due to trying to switch from AP to UB, I had to delete my ZomBParadox sign in, and the nick was not available, so I used my Twitter name, TheWookieWay to sign up. Ugh.

Here is the address of the link above: http://www.ubpokerleagues.com/ (you can also click on title of this blog post)

Now I'm not sure how it works, or what it's all about. I'm in a shootout for a WSOP spot, so can't give it my full attention, but I'll come back with an update when I can, and after I ask a few questions :)

And after I catch up on all the updates from WSOP today :) Found out I didn't have Daniel Negreanu on my twitter like I thought, so wasn't getting his entertaining and plentiful updates. That's fixed. I'll have to remember to ask him the correct pronunciation of his last name when I see him too.

Here's as far as I got for now:
Thank you for registering at UB Poker Leagues!

Note: UB does not automatically take money out of your account. All participation money must be transferred prior to the start of the Last Longer's and Leagues or you will be disqualified.

Account Name: UBLEAGUES
First Name: UB

Please allow up to 8 hours for a response."
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