Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tilt, Distractions, What gets you off your game?

The usual distraction for me, is talking to someone NOT at the table or in the game I'm involved in. I'm able to small talk with those at my table well. And keep track of what's going on, whether I appear to or not.
But talking to anyone outside of that game, offline, in person, on the phone, etc... usually distracts me. I lose track of what's going on. I am more likely to fall back on old bad habits. That's why making good habits is a key point for success. If you do get distracted, your good habits will have you doing the right thing.
Of course, it's best not to let yourself get distracted in the first place. But some things are out of our control, and adapting to the world around you, and being able to do well during lifes distractions, is a good skill to have.

When I am able, I will do what I can to minimize my outside world distractions while I'm playing online. An ounce of prevention will save you a pound of labor, as they say.

As far as going tilt, am I endangering myself by posting what my weaknesses are here? Will this info be used against me by the savvy player who looks up this info? Will I be making myself a stronger player later, by conquering my weakness publicly now? Or would I do better to conquer them privately, and post them afterwards?

What do YOU the reader think?

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