Sunday, June 7, 2009

Researching and constant learning

Like a fighter in training, I'm happy with my poker fitness, but not resting, and continually working out daily! There is always room for improvement and something new to learn. Conditioning is a great thing too, as I keep hearing about fatigue from those at the WSOP this year.

It's time to select odds and tracking software to use as tools, but this is a fine point and a small percentage help in the big picture, as the majority of traits and knowledge are programmed in my brain, where it belongs! You won't have a PC at the tables in live games to help you, so the info better be in your brain. Which, by the way, is the most powerful computer of all! Always has been.

I have a Bankroll Management plan. Sticking to it will be the biggest help and insurance for this career. That was one of my biggest concerns. When I get my independence back, I don't want to give it up, or risk it.

Someone said to me "too much knowledge may not be good" because I've been researching a lot. I disagree. It's what you DO with that knowledge. If you think too much, that can be bad. If you research so much that you don't move forward, that can be bad. But I can only see knowledge as helpful, especially in something like poker with so many variables.

I'm off the store, and then back to some of my lovely $0.01 tournaments. And looking into the free promotions available to get my bankroll going. I look forward to having enough to play in the cash games, and get a break from tournaments for a little while.
Wish me skill and clarity more than luck! ;)
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