Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Job starts in 2 weeks

Got the aforementioned job. This is very comorting news. Even though I *can* start a bankroll with no money invested, it will be MUCH easier to do with a little investment, even if it's only 50 or a 100 bucks! I'm not too married to the fact that I would *like* to start a bankroll with no money invested, as that is something I can do for fun on the side after I'm more secure. I've been living below the poverty level for too long, and I've got kids. That's just not an option anymore. It's good to be able to be happy no matter your income, as happiness does not come from money. But it's good to be able to take care of responsibilities as well, and if you can get paid to do something you enjoy, then it's not work and life is that much more enjoyable :)

Now I don't start for 2 weeks, and in the meantime, I WILL see how much of a bankroll I can muster up with no investment. Knowledge is the key here, and finding the right places to start takes time. I have found some sites and there seems to be a trade off.

In the Long Run, rakeback will make your money over the life of your career.
In the Short Run, getting free money to start with provides no risk, and is a learning experience.

I will be balancing these two. Some sites will be where I start, and I may end up oweing a big thanks for the start of my career. Some sites will provide the best bankroll and playing areas, and are where I will spend the majority of my time when I get a bankroll. Now I personally think this is a mistake at some of the bigger sites, but helps out the smaller sites.

Why wouldn't Pokerstars want me to stay on their site, invest my bankroll, and spend most of my online career on their site? It would make them the most money, and is at the moment, my favorite site and where I have the most friends. I like their software the best of those I have seen, though I see improvements for ANY poker software I come across. Perhaps it's time to consult. Maybe my background in Software QA makes me notice bugs more. I always see bugs I know can be fixed with small software updates.

So as I sit here, on the bubble in razz tourney, currently in 9th.. playing on my play table where max buy in is 2000 chips and I have over 20k chips at table... it's about bed time!! Listening to deadmau5, one of my FAVORITE dj's /producers...
More later.. trying to win this razz tourney that gives no points, just play chips... time for my bankroll!!
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