Wednesday, June 10, 2009

College & Poker

How many times have I read about professional poker players dropping out of college or getting their degree and then going professional instead of using that degree? A lot more than I expected. Of course, there are probably plenty more people who fail at becoming a professional poker player that you don't hear about. Very similar to sports, music, etc... I've already gambled with my life and lived in a way very similar to being a professional poker player, and have what it takes. This is already proven.

Now we are down to details and enjoying the ride! No matter what you do, remember to enjoy the ride! Set goals, meet them, set new ones. Live your life NOW in the present.

I enrolled in college today, and start in two weeks. I look forward to it!

Missed the Daily Eighty Grand satellite again today... looked away for only a few seconds, and clicked register, and it came back "full" after about 30 seconds. You really do need to click it as soon as it appears, and you still may not get in. Only 10,000 each day do.

I haven't played much in the past week, compared to the week before, as I have been out of the house, applying for jobs and working on my resume, or messing with this tooth. I wish to play more, but one must have priorities. As soon as my income is secure, I'll be able to play more.

I've updated my personal blog and my poker blog. I see there are many poker blogs out there, so to keep mine unique, I'll keep the entertaining aspects here, and make my page a portal to reach all the other sites I use, so you may find it useful to use in this way, too.

As always, feel free to comment and update my blog with any info you wish.
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