Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cameras at the WSOP and Flashes, or lack of..

There is no flash photography at the World Series of Poker. You will learn this fact right-quick if you pull out your point-and-shoot and blast your favorite player with an explosion of white light. A security guard may walk over to tell you to cut it out; the floor may announce, “Ladies and gentlemen, no flash photography, please” over the PA. I think I heard that announcement 25,000 times last year. There’s a reason why the photographers covering the WSOP use lenses that look like anti-tank missiles–they have to shoot in low-light, and that means a lotta glass to make the pics look good.

There is one exception to this rule–photographers can use their big external flashes when snapping pics of bracelet winners. These are the shots that end up on magazine covers, turned into posters, hung on the wall. And the happy player sitting there surrounded by cheering fans and bricks of cash (to say nothing of the bracelet) probably won’t mind the temporary blindness brought on by popping flashbulbs.

(borrowed from Ultimate Bet Blog)
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