Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another long day...

Not much in the way of results. Didn't lose big, got stuff done, walked with Dad some, and placed about medium in most tournies, but need to get some higher cashes. WSOP satellites have gotten tougher. Seems average level of play on Pokerstars has increased quite a bit this month. That's a good thing for training. Need to investigate more on comparisons with other people's careers. Get a measure of how I'm actually doing.
One thing I need to do, is not try to do too much at once. I get busy and like to be productive, but there is a time to slow down and concentrate. I have been doing lots better when I do that. Chatting or talking to anyone when playing helps. Once I've got my own room again, that will be easier. And turn the phone off. And build web pages when I'm not in the middle of tournaments. Hehe!
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