Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 2009, WSOP marks beginning of Poker Career

It's late. 2:20am. I have my headphones on blaring rock or techno, depending on my mood. My eyes are tired. It's been hours since I've had a good hand. Except for the 3 good hands that I took badbeats on...
I am out of the tournament with over $2million in the prize pool! 320,000 to the winner. Play money, that is!
However, without ever having deposited any money, I won $0.40 actual money. That's 40 cents. What am I going to do with that? Well, I'll tell you what I've done with it, and how I got it.

Freerolls. Tournaments that cost you no actual money to enter. The big ones are satellites where 1 to 72 people win a ticket to go on to the next tournament. And there, you can win CASH! Not a lot, but real cash for nothing? Well, not nothing. But you were going to spend that time playing for free anyways, weren't ya? Starting with zero, and earning up to $5.50 or more, is not bad at all!

It's a good place to learn, to hang out and chat with other players. It's a safe place to start small. It's online poker and it's grown quite a bit in the past 20 years, especially the last 10! But so has live poker. And this is good news! Enough people are playing, that you can make a living doing this. Well, I've done worse! This shouldn't be too bad ;)

Now don't think I'm not prepared, or blind to ALL of the pitfalls of ANY career. That's what research is for. Look before you leap, they say. Investigate. Burrow for the good info. Process. Weigh. Compare. Believe in yourself, no matter what career you choose. Create a new one if you must.

Online. for me (so you can have an Image). That is where I started. I vaguely remember playing PartyPoker, I think, once upon a time? I have also played at Absolute Poker, which is the same as Ultimate Bet I hear. But the poker stars I respect are on UB, like Annie Duke, so I'll try that one too. Doyle Brunson wrote some good books. I read the one about Online Poker, but still need to read the Super Systems. I look forward to it.

Lots of points to cover, insights to share, discoveries to show, etc... but I'm in 2 Razz tourneys while typing this, and better concentrate on my games ;)

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